SPC logoMinutes - Parking & Traffic Advisory


Chairman - Cllr R Eldridge
Councillors Chapman, Parsons, Glew (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Clerk/RFO - Mrs Pauline J Raymond
Co-optees - Derek Wright, PCSO Demetrius Georghiou (part)
Also present for agenda item 26 - Mr Jan Jung

23 APOLOGIES. Cllr Vine-Hall.

24 COUNCILLORS' INTERESTS. Agenda item 27 - Personal Interests - Cllrs Glew and Parsons by virtue of them being trustees of Sedlescombe Village Hall.

25 MINUTES. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Parking & Traffic Advisory Group held on 06/11/12.

26 USE OF SPEED INDICATOR DEVICE IN SEDLESCOMBE. Mr Jan Jung was introduced to the Committee as the Senior Volunteer Co-ordinator of Community Speedwatch in the Rother District.

Jan is also involved with a scheme in Netherfield Hill where speeding vehicles are a problem but where the statistics do not meet the level required for ESCC to install traffic calming measures. The Group does not think that their action with the speed checks over the last two years has solved the problem in Netherfield Hill as vehicles are still speeding as they were before. They are now looking, as a pilot project, at introducing sponsored traffic calming eg chicanes to narrow the road to one lane. Jan said that chicanes can be used in unlit areas if the signs at either end of each chicane are lit by solar power. He estimates that, if cheaper methods of introducing traffic calming are used, the cost will probably be about £15,000 each which should be covered by advertising (may not cover solar power).

Jan's work involves encouraging Community Speedwatch Groups to set up across East Sussex, training operators to operate speed devices which will help to educate the public and providing information gathered at the roadside to the Police. There are currently twenty groups operating in Rother and Wealden and the more groups that can be set up, the easier it will be to get a clear picture of where the best place is for Police to target. The Police would like boards to be put up to warn drivers they are entering a Community Speed Watch Area.

One of the first things a group should do is decide whether they have a real, or a perceived, speed problem and whether one or more roads are involved. ESCC must agree the places that the speed checks take place. In Sedlescombe, this was done in 2004 and ESCC agreed the following in The Street (B2244): Outside Bridge Garage, by Pumphouse, next to telephone box and outside old school.

The Committee agreed that Cllrs Eldridge and Glew, together maybe with Derek Wright, should attend a forthcoming training session for the computer software that needs to be used by Co-ordinators when booking the SID sessions and inputting data obtained. Cllr Parsons will attend later. This training is for police officers as well as local Co-ordinators. Later there will be training in the use of the SID and speed guns (Demi has already done some basic training). The Netherfield Hill group carried out their checks at lots of different times. It is important that, for each vehicle, operators record number plate, make of vehicle, colour. Feedback will be e-mailed to all Co-ordinators.

27 VILLAGE HALL CAR PARK. A letter was read from a nearby resident suggesting that the village hall car park should be available for use of the general public in order to ease the difficult parking situation in the Village. Cllr Glew, Chair of the Village Hall Management Committee, explained that the Committee usually allows people to park in the car park when events are held nearby. However, during times when the hall will not be used for long periods, the gate is closed in order that unauthorised people do not gain access. This is particularly important as the village hall car park is not overlooked by houses. The resident had particularly cited in her letter Church Christmas Services where she believed people should have been allowed to park in the hall car park. Cllr Eldridge commented that the village hall entrance had been blocked by parked cars on Christmas Eve during the Crib Service, which could have been a problem if there had been, for example, a fire in the hall. It was noted that the complainant was new to the village and, therefore, probably was unaware that special arrangements could be made. It was suggested that better publicity of this should be arranged. Cllr Glew will refer the matter to the meeting of the Village Hall Management Committee in March.

28 TRAFFIC COUNT IN THE STREET. Cllr Eldridge reported that nearly twenty people had been identified who are willing to take part in a traffic count in The Street and, maybe, The Green. However, several people would prefer to do this in the better weather so Cllr Eldridge proposed that the Report to Council is delayed to the July 2013 meeting to allow time for this work to be carried out. The idea of Cllr Eldridge being at the Sedlescombe Parish Meeting on 30 April to take names of other volunteers was supported.

29 PARKING ON THE BEND, BREDE LANE, OPPOSITE BRICKWALL HOTEL. Cllr Eldridge gave members the result of a week-long survey he had carried out to note how many cars park on the bend. This started on 13/01/13 and was recorded in 2-hour slots from 08:00 to 18:00. There were only two occasions when no cars were parked on the bend. Weekends were particularly bad. Cllr Eldridge had also found that often spaces were available in the public car park and in the Brickwall Hotel car park (relevant at lunchtimes) but people appeared to prefer to park on the roadside. The Committee were sympathetic to the Brickwal proprietor and realised that he could not be expected to ask anyone coming to lunch where they had parked. PCSO Demi had discussed parking on this bend with a Police Officer who had advised that it would only be reasonable for the Police to take action when the parking is causing a problem ie during school arrival and departure times. He believed that the signs had discouraged parking and it was agreed that the Parish Council should consider improving these signs and increasing them to three possibly using Met Posts.

30 SCHOOL POSTER PAINTING COMPETITION. Entries had been received from 6 of the 7 classes and judged by Cllrs Eldridge, Glew and Chapman. Cllr Glew will make the presentations of prizes at the School on Monday. Some of the paintings will be displayed on the village hall stage. It had already been agreed that the Parish Council will reimburse Cllr Eldridge the cost of the tokens and certificates.

31 REPORT TO COUNCIL. The report is now expected to be placed before the Parish Council at the 9 July Council Meeting. A further committee meeting will be arranged prior to this.