SPC logoParking & Traffic Advisory Group Minutes


PRESENT: Cllr R Eldridge (elected Chair)
Cllrs Chapman, Parsons, Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council), Glew (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Clerk: Mrs P J Raymond
Co-opted members: Mr Derek Wright, PCSO Demetrius Georghiou

1 Cllr Vine-Hall in the chair for the appointment of the Chairman. RESOLVED: That Cllr Eldridge is appointed Chairman of the Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee for the ensuing year.

Cllr Eldridge in the Chair

2 APOLOGIES. None all present.

3 COUNCILLORS' INTERESTS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE 2012 CODE OF CONDUCT. Cllrs Glew and Parsons declared their personal interests in Agenda item 5.4 as trustees of the Village Hall. They remained in the meeting.

4 MINUTES. RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Advisory Committee held on 29/01/13.


  1. Training of operators of the Speed Indicator Device (SID). Six operatives have received training at Battle Police Station. A further group of about eight people have volunteered to receive this training. Demi agreed to arrange.

  2. Sedlescombe Speedwatch Campaign. Although unaware at the time of the recent traffic count in The Street, the Chairman reported that the SID does record information on the number and speed of vehicles and it was hoped this facility could be made use of in the future. Cllrs Eldridge and Parsons intend to continue with the Campaign, probably over the next six months, using the SID on a regular basis in different places with the aim of deterring people from breaking the speed limit. The two ends of the Village, where speeds are at their highest, will possibly be targeted next. The SID can be calibrated for speeds other than 30mph. Demi advised that it is between 0630 and 0745, that speeds tend to be at their highest and reminded members that, while a few deliberately drive too fast, many people break the speed limit by drifting over it. Cllrs Eldridge and Parsons spoke of their experiences using the speed camera which must be used by operatives with high viz jackets. It may be possible for Sedlescombe to borrow a camera from another parish for its own long-term use.

    It was agreed that it was the high viz jackets that really slowed people down and it was therefore important that they should be worn during counts. The Police can provide additional jackets.

    Demi intends to arrange a speed watch week involving the School which will be publicised as widely as possible, including Sedlescombe News, the Parish Council Bulletin and the Rye & Battle Observer. Demi will book the large electronic road sign to set with a speed reduction message. Cllr Parsons offered to stand in The Street with Demi on some of the early shifts when he checks the speed of vehicles.

    A Speedwatch schedule will be drawn up soon and publicised.

    Demi congratulated everyone for their involvement in this campaign which is of enormous help to the Police who are unable to take all the action that they would like regarding traffic and parking. The Chairman reminded the Committee that it was up to the people of Sedlescombe to do what they can to help.

  3. Traffic count in The Street 10-14 June 2013. The traffic count week had been successful with lots of willing volunteers and interest from the public at large. The results had been e-mailed to members. The count took place at the Pumphouse. Separate counts were made of HGVs, cars in both directions, cars travelling up and down the slip road and cars parked in the slip road. Although there were several HGVs carrying spoil from the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road, otherwise HGVs were from a range of companies. It was noted that some people park their vehicles in The Green all day which causes difficulties for other people's short-term parking.

    RECOMMENDED: That the Parish Council asks people parking in The Green over long periods during the day to use the public Brede Lane car park instead.

    RECOMMENDED: That the Parish Council writes to all businesses outlining the parking issues and seeking their co-operation in keeping The Green available for short-term parking.

    RECOMMENDED: That the Parish Council tries to get improved signage for the Brede Lane Car Park.

    RECOMMENDED: That the Brickwall Hotel is asked to more clearly sign their own car park to encourage their customers to park there instead of in Brede Lane.

    RECOMMENDED: That the Parish Council provides copies of The Highway Code for members of the Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee.

    Demi agreed that, later this week, he will try to visit the businesses around The Green in order to persuade them to ask their customers to park more sensibly.

  4. Village Hall Car Park Use. Cllrs Glew and Parsons declared their personal interests as Trustees of the Village Hall. The Parish Council had been informed that the Village Hall Committee had considered the idea of the Village Hall Car Park being used by the public but had agreed to keep to the status quo (this allows people with special events to request permission to use the car parking area).

  5. Draft Parking and Traffic Plan. Following collection of data and information regarding the parking and traffic situation in Sedlescombe, Cllr Eldridge had provided a report which identifies the issues and listed his own suggestions for possible action. He had not evaluated or costed the options however and some were not likely to be introduced because of lack of funds available to ESCC or the Parish Council. It was noted that any traffic calming measures would have to be funded by the Parish Council.

  6. School Travel Plan Working Group. Cllrs Eldridge and Glew have attended meetings of the Group at the School where problems of parking in the Village relating to the School are discussed. Cllr Glew reported that:
    1. The idea of children being dropped off and then taken into School had been suggested, rather than parents park, had been discussed, but no parents are willing to be involved and the teachers are too busy to take on this role.
    2. Parking in Blackbrooks Car Park and then being taken by mini-bus to School had been proposed. Again, apart from the caretaker who is not available in the morning, there is no-one with the correct certificates to drive the mini-bus.
    3. Parents are still being allowed to park in the Queen's Head car park in the mornings.
    4. Parking will not be allowed in the Brickwall Hotel car park.
    5. Parking at the Sportsfield Car Park would be contrary to the covenant on the Parish Council's land.
    6. The School plan to send out a plan showing where parents are allowed to park.
    7. A "Walk to School" week is planned to start on 07/10/13.
    8. Volunteers for the Walking Bus from the Village Hall Car Park have not come forward and the child of a long-term leader is leaving the School this year so he will no longer be involved.
    9. Buckswood School, a private school in Guestling, would lend its mini-bus but not early in the morning.

    Demi suggested the Community Friends might be able to help. He would be taking a donation to the Friends to the Chairman, Ralph Dellow, soon and he would broach the idea.

    RECOMMENDED: That the Parish Council should help with provision of a more robust "No parking on the Corner" sign in Brede Lane where people are again parking following the last sign's destruction.

  7. Future of the Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee. It was noted that the Parish Council will be considering the future of this Committee at its meeting to be held on 09/07/13. Members said they thought that the Committee was just at the start of its work and that there was a lot more it could do to improve the situation in the Village.