SPC logoFinance Committee Minutes


Chairman - Cllr Pauline Glew
Cllrs Anson, Chapman, Eldridge, Lawrence
Ex-officio member: Cllr J Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council)
Pauline J Raymond (Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer)

26 APOLOGIES. District Cllr Ganly had sent his apology for absence.



29 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. No public present

30 MINUTES. RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on 25/06/13.

31 SECOND QUARTER BRIEFING. Members considered the following:-

  1. Clerk's Report No.6.
  2. Monthly Totals to end September 2013
  3. Second Quarter Income and Expenditure
  4. Neighbourhood Plan Expenses
  5. MUGA costs

The following was agreed:

  1. Purchase of new Security Software - Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is recommended at an annual fee of £41.67 plus VAT. Clerk/RFO to arrange.
  2. Pat Martin to be asked if he will carry out ground level visual checks of the trees which come under the Parish Council's responsibility.
  3. Local schools to be made aware that the MUGA can be hired from the Playing Field Trust.
  4. Gate spring to be obtained from Zaun fencing for the MUGA.
  5. New Barclays Deposit Account to be opened and funds transferred to it.
  6. Donations of £25 each to be made to the Sedlescombe & District Garden Society and to Pestalozzi International Village in recognition of the loan of their display boards for the recent Neighbourhood Plan Exhibition in the Village Hall.
  7. Amount needed to be held in the "Access Fund" to be considered at next meeting when 2014/15 budget is on the agenda.

32 ANNUAL JOB REPORT. Councillors had been referred to the Annual Job Report (hard copy provided for all councillors at last Parish Council Meeting) and Minutes 64-70 of the Parish Council Meeting Minutes of 11/09/13. The following additional matters were raised:

  1. Sedlescombe Sportsfield.
    1. Ditch. The Football Club is keen to trim the edges of the ditch this week at the cost of £288 including VAT. Part of the length is the PC's responsibility behind the car park. It had been suggested by the Football Club that, if the PC pays for the new gate across the disabled car park (if this is agreed at the forthcoming Sports Association meeting), the Football Club will trim the sides of the whole length of the ditch as its contribution. RESOLVED: That the Council expects the Sports Association to contribute 50% of the cost of providing the disabled area gates and to do the ditch maintenance work.
    2. Decking. Decking outside the away changing room needs replacing and an alteration is being suggested. Sports Association to provide a sketch of its proposals for the Council's approval.
    3. Ladybird Lane. All the new houses in Ladybird Lane are now sold and the top dressing of the road will be done in November. The Parish Council had already agreed in principle to contribute towards this work and the RFO had approved the payment of £808 in full and final settlement as requested by John Steed (builder). The new houses will be contributing towards the cost of the maintenance of the road in the future.
    4. Pavilion interior inspection. Cllr Chapman to arrange with Derek Wright (Secretary of Sports Association) to carry out the inspection in December.
    5. Other. Other matters are expected to be raised at the Sports Association meeting on Thursday.
  2. MUGA
    1. Opening. MUGA opened 19/09/13 with short official "cutting the ribbon" ceremony on 30/09/13.
    2. E.T.C. Sports Surfaces had provided large notice.
    3. Parish Council board. RFO to obtain quotes for providing a board for the Playing Field Trust/Parish Council.
    4. Damage. Some early damage by skidding bicycle. Cigarette ends, chewing gum and dog faeces also noted. The provision of a spring on the gate could help to stop dogs and bikes having easy access.
    5. Interest. Tennis coach, football club and netball club interested in using MUGA. A local school had contacted Cllr Anson about using the MUGA for netball. Cllr Anson to pass the phone number to the RFO.
    6. Sweeping. Regular sweeping needed to remove leaves (RC in hand).
    7. Net. Centre strap of net needs fixing on ground (PA reported, RC to check).
    8. Use of grass to east of MUGA. The following possible uses had been suggested.
      1. Mini kickers' footpath pitch
      2. Skateboard ramp
      3. Housing - problems with The Sequential Test (NPPF) and charitable status.
      Meeting of Playing Field Trust and Recreation Ground to be arranged to consider options in accordance with the Charitable Trust Scheme. As many people as possible to benefit.
    9. Tree work. To be arranged.
  3. Playing Field
    1. Brambles growing through fence on riverbank (PA reported).
    2. Landscape Services asked for a report on the giant hogweed monitoring/treatment on riverbank.
  4. Powdermill drive
    1. Posts. Members discussed whether the plastic posts should be replaced or more robust wooden or concrete ones installed. RFO had obtained prices for the plastic posts from Glasdon UK Ltd. Cllr Eldridge to cost replacements other than plastic.
    2. No.1 litter bin by road full of bags of rubbish (PA reported). It was explained that litter collectors are asked to put their bags of rubbish into the big litter bin at the entrance to the Powdermill driveway. Special arrangements for emptying had been made a few years ago. It appears that changes of staff at Rother DC and new contractors mean that this bin is not always emptied as it should be. On inspection today, the bin had been emptied.
    3. Responsibility for 50% of the cost of repairing driveway. Some pothole filling undertaken by MUGA contractors. Appears in generally good order.
    4. Tree work - to be arranged.
  5. Playground
    1. Fresh mole hills - level off all mole hills to ground level (RE reported).
    2. Adjust chain to one cradle swing (RE).
    3. No.2 gate post loose (PA). Probably because of dry weather. No action.
    4. Refitting of mats to 2 swings and 2 springer to be done (RC). Re-consider next year.
    5. Grand canyon posts to be concreted between and cables re-adjusted (RC).
    6. Everglades - centre lower post loose (PA reported).
    7. Swing seat replacement. Cllr Chapman to consider what is required.
    8. Tree work - to be arranged.
  6. Bus Shelter
    1. Ivy removed by RC.
  7. Village Green
    1. Sweeping Pumphouse - untidy, particularly under benches and in area around pump.
    2. Village Green tubs - will need replanting. Stream Lane ladies will be checking on their three tubs.
    3. Tree work - to be arranged.
  8. Brede Lane Car Park
    1. Dog bin washed (RC).
    2. 2 trees removed (RC).
  9. Seat and litter bin in Brede Lane, north of Springfield Cottage
    1. Repair or replace litter bin. The bin had been looked at by Reg Glew and Cllr Chapman and, although repairs could be carried out, replacement was recommended. Cllr Fraser had suggested having a covered bin in this position and it was RESOLVED: THAT A TOPSY ROYALE LITTER BIN IS OBTAINED FROM GLASDON AT THE COST OF £145 PLUS FITTINGS.
  10. East View Kickabout Area.
    1. Tree work - to be arranged.
  11. Red Barn Field Nature Park.
    1. Cutting. David Blowey had cut and baled the field.
    2. Tree work - to be arranged.
  12. Church Hill seat.
    1. Seat cleared around and washed (RC).
  13. Volunteers still checking public footpaths and bridleways. Several stiles need repair. It is not clear whether East Sussex County Council is providing the materials for stiles. Cllr Vine-Hall to progress.
  14. Grounds Maintenance 2014. Members were given details of the quote for the 2014 season that had been obtained from Landscape Services. Although some of the new quotes had been increased by 3%, others had been increased by far more. The RFO had asked Landscape Services about these variances. For consideration at next meeting when Landscape Services' reply to the RFO's query on the increases should be available..
  15. Litter Collection 2014. Quote received from Landscape Services - for consideration at next meeting.
  16. Volunteer litter collection. Cllr Eldridge will arrange in due course when time allows.
  17. Sedlescombe Lift Scheme. Cllr Glew reported that this is still doing well and is much appreciated by users, mostly the elderly, when attending hospital appointments.
  18. SID volunteers. Cllr Eldridge reported that there are now 12 speed indicator device volunteers that have been trained. Cllr Parsons will book the camera and they will try to carry out a weekly speed check in the Village. This, of course, means additional work inputting the information into the Police computer. It was noted that the Police had been carrying out their own speed checks in Sedlescombe Street and near the Church one day last week.
  19. Delivery of Parish Council reports and bulletins. Volunteers reliable.


  1. Completion of audit of 2012/13 Accounts. Satisfactorily completed.
  2. Arrangements for internal audit of 2013/14 Accounts. Internal auditor to be found for auditing the 2013/14 accounts.

34 APPROVAL OF CLERK'S SALARY. RESOLVED: That the Clerk's Salary is increased by 1% backdated to 01/04/2013, in accordance with recommendations of The National Joint Council for Local Government Services as follows: Salary Scale 30 for 20 hours/week = £13,906 p.a.

35 PUBLIC CAR PARK AND CONVENIENCES. Director of Resources at Rother had written in July saying "I will therefore look at alternative uses for the car park and toilets but will come back to you for a further discussion before any action is taken".

36 RURAL ROTHER TRUST. The Chairman of Rother District Council had sent the annual letter about the Trust. The difficulty in identifying who is in need was mentioned.