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All Minute Numbers are preceded by C14/15.

Chairman - Cllr J Vine-Hall, Vice-Chairman - Cllr P Glew
Councillors Anson, Chapman, Eldridge, Fraser, Lawrence, Reynolds
Clerk/Responsible Officer - Mrs Carol Hodgson

Cllr. Tony Ganly, 2 Members of the Public and Mr. Graham Fifield - GRF Planning

49 APOLOGY FOR ABSENCE: Cllr. Parsons (away).


  1. The existing dispensation granted to the following councillors were noted:
    1. Cllr Glew dispensation granted 14 May 2013 to allow her to speak and vote on matters considering the suitability of allotment land for housing development, despite her husband’s tenancy of an allotment.
    2. Cllr Eldridge dispensation granted 14 May 2013 to allow him to speak and vote on matters considering the suitability of allotment land for housing development, despite his tenancy of an allotment.
    3. Cllr Vine-Hall dispensation granted 14/05/13 to allow him to speak and vote on matters considering the suitability of land at Dell View next to Beech Farm for housing development, despite his ownership of land at Beech Farm.
    4. Cllr Chapman dispensation granted 09/07/13 to allow him to participate and vote in discussions involving possible development sites in the parish even though he is a near neighbour of the Pestalozzi International Village.
    5. Cllr Fraser dispensation granted 09/07/13 to allow her to participate and vote on matters concerning the Street Farm development despite her pecuniary interest in the Street Farm area as owner of an adjacent property.
  2. To receive new written requests for dispensation. None
  3. To receive declarations of interest from councillors re matters on the agenda. None

51 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION SESSION. No public participation.

52 MINUTES. RESOLVED: That the Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the Extraordinary Council Meeting held on 24/06/14.


  1. Update on health check and
  2. Approval of funding. The Chairman reported that an agreement had not yet been reached with Locality for them to provide a free Health Check. They would accept and review a new application for Grant Aid based on the amended plan.
    As agreed at the meeting of 24/06/14 The Chairman has recommended an independent town planner - Alex Munro of Maroon Planning MA (Hons) MRTPI and he is prepared to carry out a review at a cost of £1,000.
    Rother DC had advised they were not in a position to offer financial support towards the Health Check and had not confirmed their willingness to accept the health check report.
    RESOLVED: That due to time scales Maroon Planning will be appointed to carry out a review of the plan at a cost of £1,000. The Chairman will continue to pursue the Health Check Grant Aid with Locality.
  3. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council has approved the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents. Following a Health Check the plan will be submitted to Rother District Council under Regulation 15 and thence to the independent examiner.
    The plan had received grammatical changes which had not resulted in any change to the meanings. All agreed to accept the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan with any changes recommended following the health check.

54 PLANNING APPLICATION RR/2014/147/P Brede Lane - Land at, Sedlescombe. Erection of 18no. residential dwellings with associated access, car parking and open space together with the transfer and change of use of land to be used as school playing fields.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 17:25 due to the confidential nature in part, of the business to be transacted. The public and Cllr. Tony Ganly left the meeting.

Mr. Fifield explained in his professional capacity as a planning consultant the process of making a representation to an appeal which is to be determined on the basis of a public inquiry and also the options available to Parish Council.

A discussion ensued which constituted the confidential nature of the business regarding the terms of contract between Mr. Fifield and Sedlescombe PC.

RESOLVED: That the Parish Council will submit a representation on the appeal. Mr. Fifield will be appointed to assist with the process at an agreed cost of £1,500. A Community call will be made for financial support towards the appeal costs. An application will be made for a rule 6 status for the PC to the inspectorate. Cllr. Vine-Hall will attend the public inquiry.

55 PROPOSAL FOR A NEW SEDLESCOMBE HISTORY CUP. RESOLVED: That Cllr. Glew would obtain the costs for a presentation cup with associated engraving.

The request had been put forward by Pauline Raymond who has produced considerable literature on the history of Sedlescombe.