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All Minutes start with F14/15.

Chairman - Cllr Pauline Glew
Cllr Anson, Chapman, Eldridge, Lawrence
Ex-officio member: Cllr J Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council)
Clerk/RFO: Mrs Carol Hodgson
Also present: Cllr. Fraser, Derek Wright and Ashley Davey (in part) representing the Sports Association.

18 Apologies
All Members were present.

19 Interests
None received.

20 Written requests for Dispensation
No new dispensations had been applied for. Existing dispensations are as follows:

  1. Cllr Glew dispensation granted 14 May 2013 to allow her to speak and vote on matters considering the suitability of allotment land for housing development, despite her husband’s tenancy of an allotment.
  2. Cllr Eldridge dispensation granted 14 May 2013 to allow him to speak and vote on matters considering the suitability of allotment land for housing development, despite his tenancy of an allotment.
    Cllr. Eldridge advised he no longer held an allotment tenancy.
  3. Cllr Vine-Hall dispensation granted 14/05/13 to allow him to speak and vote on matters considering the suitability of land at Dell View next to Beech Farm for housing development, despite his ownership of land at Beech Farm.
  4. Cllr Chapman dispensation granted 09/07/13 to allow him to participate and vote in discussions involving possible development sites in the parish even though he is a near neighbour of the Pestalozzi International Village.
  5. Cllr Fraser dispensation granted 09/07/13 to allow her to participate and vote on matters concerning the Street Farm development despite her pecuniary interest in the Street Farm area as owner of an adjacent property.

21 Public Participation.
No requests received.

22 Minutes:
RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting held on 24/06/2014

23 Matters arising from the Minutes

  1. To receive the external Auditors Report
    Parish Council's external auditors, Littlejohn LLP had reported as follows:-
    'On the basis of our review, in our opinion the information in the annual return is in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements had not been met'.
  2. Neighbourhood Plan Costs update
    Members received the latest Neighbourhood Plan costs which included the agreed amount of £1500 for Graham Fifield's professional services on the Street Farm Appeal.
  3. To receive updates of the following Highways projects:-
    1. Restricted parking zone opposite the shop
    2. Extended path from pub to shop
    3. Brede Lane parking bays in place of grass verge
    4. Gateways on the village approaches
    5. Genesis Speed Gun
      Cllr. Eldridge reported that Parish Council's application for funding from ESCC's Community Self Serve Fund was still being considered. He had been notified by ESCC that items 1-4 met the funding criteria however the Speed Gun did not.
      The Clerk confirmed that the Speed Gun had been ordered through Sgt Paul Masterton, but there had been no indication when it would be received.

24 2014-15 Budget - Second Quarter Review.

  1. Draft income and expenditure figures to end of September 2014 against budget.
    Members were provided with copies of the draft Income and Expenditure statement (with notes) against the annual budget to the end of September 2014.

25 Village Inspection update

  1. Job list of work to be completed (with no or little financial impact)
    Members reviewed the list of jobs identified during the June 2014 Village Inspection.
    Signs at Sports Field: Derek Wright and Ashley Davey confirmed that the some of the signs had been installed and the others were in hand.
    Garage doors: Derek Wright confirmed they had been replaced.
    Play Inspection at the Playground: The Clerk confirmed the annual had been carried out and there were no areas of concern.
    Red Barn Field: Cllr. Chapman confirmed that the field had be cut and baled.
    Trees: Pat Martin had undertaken inspection of the trees at Red Barn Field and East View Kickabout Area. No concerns had been raised.
  2. To approve work identified on the Village Inspection with a potential cost:-
    a. MUGA
    To receive a quote for removing the dead tree from the river side behind the MUGA
    RESOLVED: For 'Arbor Tree Surgery and Hedge Maintenance' to section fell the dead Alder tree at a cost of £200.
    b. Fences and Riverbank
    To discuss obtaining 3 quotes for repairing the fencing along the riverbank. (£200 allowance. Any excess to be agreed from general funds)
    RESOLVED: Cllr. Chapman and The Clerk to obtain quotes for fencing all round to the road.
    c. East View Kickabout Area
    To discuss obtaining a quote for the fence behind the hedge to be repaired / replaced in accordance with covenant on the land.
    RESOLVED: Cllr. Vine-Hall to review the situation and advise.
    Derek Wright and Ashley Davey were invited to discuss items on the job list in relation to the Sportsfield.
    Derek reported on the current situation with the drainage on the field, which has been a long ongoing problem. The drainage of the field was being affected by the deposit of soil in one corner of the field bordering Ladybird Lane and that the field slopes away from the river. The ditch - which extends 100 yards along the Sports Field- is not able to drain properly and needs to be deeply dug. Logistically it is not possible to get a digger in there. Remedial work to pullout the deposit of soil had been agreed with the Pestalozzi. Ashley Davey had obtained a quote for the work which was in the region of £1500.
    RESOLVED: The Sports Assocation will obtain further quotes for removing the soil deposit and also for clearing the length of ditch.

26 To receive an update on the new Sedlescombe History Cup
Cllr. Glew reported that the cup had been ordered and would be ready by the end of the week. The cost including engraving amounted to £90.00.
RESOLVED: The cup will be passed to Mrs. Raymond when ready.

27 To discuss introducing a new set of Financial Regulations
Members were provided with a draft copy of the revised NALC model Financial Regulations Cllr. Glew took Members through the following points:-
Item 4.1 Budgetary Control and Authority to spend. Members agreed the authorisation limits for expenditure were appropriate.
Item 5 Banking Arrangements and Authorisation of Payments. Members agreed the procedures were appropriate.
Item 6.21 Instructions for the Making of Payments. Members agreed that no cashfloat would be held.
RESOLVED: To adopt the new Financial Regulations.

28 To discuss upgrading Parish Council's email account
Parish Council currently has a free 'Hotmail' account with Freezone which provides a good service but has a 10mb per email restriction on data transfer. Freezone also offers 'paid for' services with more storage space and allows larger data traffic transfer. The downside was that the current email address would have to be changed.
RESOLVED: Members agreed to upgrade Parish Council's email account at a cost of £21.50 + VAT per annum.