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All Minute Numbers are preceded by C14/15.

Cllr J Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council), Cllr P Glew (Vice-Chairman of the Council),
Cllrs Anson, Chapman, Eldridge, Fraser, Parsons, Reynolds, Clerk/RFO: Mrs Carol Hodgson

Also present:
District Cllr T Ganly (all); Mrs Sue Walton (all); PCSO Demi Georghiou (first part). 5 Members of the public

The following were invited to speak:

District Councillor Tony Ganly gave a report on the rubbish / waste collection from Rother DC's Overview and Scrutiny Committee Meeting on 8th September 2014. Representatives from Kier Services attended and Rother DC was encouraged by their responses. Staff disputes had now been resolved and the difficulties in handling the increased amounts of recyclable material at the Pebsham waste transfer station had now been resolved. This had impacted directly on the collection arrangements across much of the partnership area and, for a few days, Kier had to use alternative locations to dispose of the recyclable materials. At present not all trucks are equipped with glass collecting facilities but this is being corrected. In the period complaints were down to 47 which was on a par with the previous operator and 99.2% of rubbish collection was on time. The service is improving and all are confident it will settle down. The Head of Services has been personally responding to residents complaints. If a missed collection is reported within 24 hours it will be collected the next day. Reporting online and then by phone has caused a duplication in the number of actual complaints.

Mrs Susan Walton (Chief Executive of Pestalozzi International Village) reported that all but two of the Pestalozzi students were back on site. The 2014 Pestalozzi student intake will be the first to embark on a two year Enhanced A-level Study Programme as opposed to the International Baccalaureate Diploma which has been discontinued by Sussex Coast College Hastings. A Nepali student for the first time is being sponsored by a past Nepali student.

PCSO Demetrius Georghiou reported that suspect males had been seen at a property in Sedlescombe. A shed had been broken into and alot of items taken. It was thought to be linked to another incident in Hurst Green. The Summer Fete on 16th August had raised £1400 in support of Christian Fortunato. PCSO Demi expressed how proud he was to be part of Sedlescombe and very proud of Sedlescombe Village.

82 Apologies:
Cllr. Parsons was unable to attend. County Councillor Angharad Davies was on annual leave. Mrs. Marian Ham was on annual school leave.

83 Interest in accordance with 2012 Code of Conduct

  1. To note dispensations already granted to parish councillors up to May 2015.
  2. To receive new written requests for dispensation.
    No new requests received.
  3. To receive councillors' updates on their forms of declarations of interests.
    No new requests received.
  4. To receive councillors' declarations of interest regarding matters on the agenda.
    None received.

84 Public participation session re matters on the Agenda at the Chairman's discretion.
Mr. Skinner asked the Chairman for the right to reply and ask questions when item 97 - Official Complaint was discussed. Cllr. Vine-Hall advised that any questions needed to be put forward during the public participation session. Mr. Skinner asked for agenda item 97 to be brought forward for discussion next. Cllr. Vine-Hall advised that the Agenda would be followed in the presented order.

85 Minutes
RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Extraordinary Council Meeting held on

86 Minutes of Committee Meetings
RESOLVED: That the following minutes were received:-

  1. Planning
    1. 15/07/2014
    2. 29/07/2014
    3. 19/08/2014

87 Finance

  1. Bank Reconciliation
    RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliation at the end of August 2014 is approved.
  2. Cheques
    RESOLVED: That the ratification of updated July/August and approval of September 2014 is approved.
  3. Payment of 'Clerks Gratuity' to Mrs. Raymond
    Mrs. Raymond had confirmed that she wished her gratuity to be paid net of tax as advised by HMRC.
    RESOLVED: Payment approved as requested by Mrs. Raymond

88 Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Receipt of the Pre-Submission Plan Review from Maroon Planning
    RESOLVED: That the Pre-Submission Plan Review from Maroon Planning had been received. A copy was available to view with the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan on Rother DC's website.
  2. To receive any other updates.
    Cllr. Vine-Hall reported that under Regulation 16 the 7 week public consultation (19th August to 7th October 2014) was now active. Rother DC would be asking the Inspector to examine the plan in October 2014.

89 Clerk's Report

  1. Rother DC Consultation on Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule and Draft Regulations 123 List
    Cllr. Vine-Hall reported: With the Community Infrastructure Levy Councils are allowed to raise funds from developers undertaking new developments to support infrastructure in the future. The current S106 scheme is being restricted in April 2015 so that no more than five s.106 obligations can be pooled towards one project or type of infrastructure. Sedlescombe as a parish with an adopted Neighbourhood Plan would receive 25% of any CIL arising from developments in Sedlescombe Parish. The levy is based on the size of the property and not the cost of the house. Sedlescombe is in zone 1 for which the levy is proposed at £240 per sqm.
    RESOLVED: To submit responses as discussed and agreed. (Response form 1 and Response form 2)
  2. Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014
    A Parliamentary order allowing press and public to film and digitally report from all public meetings of local government bodies came into force on 6th August 2014
    . Sedlescombe PC's Standing Orders does not place any restrictions on the presence of the press and public.
    RESOLVED: No alteration required to Parish Council's Standing Orders.
  3. 2015 Elections - SSALC promotional material and assistance
    RESOLVED: To obtain a free copy of the posters and flyers.

90 Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground

  1. Playground Reports
    The playground inspections had been undertaken weekly.
    RESOLVED: To replace 9 plastic posts adjacent to the driveway and replace the missing sign re: type of shoes allowed on the court.

91 Sedlescombe Sportsfield

  1. Refurbishment of the portacabin as agreed with the Chairman of the Sedlescombe Rangers Football Club
    Cllr. Anson reported that no further work had taken place on the portacabin since the cladding.
  2. The outcome of writing to the Sports Association in relation to parking issues
    An email had only recently been sent to the secretary of the Sports Association.
  3. Other reports on the Sportsfield
    Cllr. Anson reported that Sedlescombe Rangers Football Club now have several football teams and need more pitches. A proposal had been put forward from Sedlescombe Rangers to modify the Sportsfield to accommodate 3 pitches of which one would go across the Cricket Pitch. Councillors were concerned that this would damage the Cricket Area beyond cricket use.
    RESOLVED: Cllr. Anson will report to the next Sports Association meeting that the Sportsfield is made available to all Sedlescombe Sports Clubs.

92 Village Green

  1. The outcome of contacting Parish Council's Insurers for cover of third party events.
    Parish Councils insurer brokers Came and Co advised if Parish Council was not organising the event, its responsibilities was limited to ensuring the Village Green itself was safe and fit for use. It is the responsibility of the organiser and, if they are open to the general public, should provide proof that they have arranged their own Public Liability Insurance. Came and Co had sent through an 'Eventualities Proposal Form' to provide a quote for third parties through Towergate.
    RESOLVED: For events not lead by Parish Council, separate insurance would need to be obtained and evidenced to Parish Council. Cllr. Parsons would be asked to obtain a quote for the Sedlescombe & District Garden Society from Towergate as a test case.

93 Speedwatch

  1. Updates on applying for match funding from the ESCC COMMUNITY SELF SERVE Highways Initiative up to £5000 for specific traffic calming measures.
    Cllr. Eldridge reported that an application had been submitted but no response had been received to date.
    RESOLVED: The Clerk will follow-up the application.
  2. Purchasing a Speed Gun
    Cllr. Eldridge reported that he had attended the training session for the Genesis hand held radar speed gun . The speed guns are now being phased into Community Speed Watch Groups and cost £900 + VAT. Cllr. Eldridge is now fully trained and can train other users. Cllr. Fraser suggested local businesses maybe interested in making a financial contribution.
    RESOLVED: Agreed to purchase a Speed Gun at a cost of £900 + VAT and invite other Parish Councils to buy a share. If other funding is not available Parish Council will still proceed with the Speed Gun purchase.
  3. A schedule for Speed Watch sessions.
    Cllr. Eldridge reported that the Sussex Police speed gun was regularly booked out to other parish's and Sedlescombe had not been able to secure a slot recently.
    RESOLVED: Cllr. Eldridge to liaise with Cllr. Parsons to develop a forward program of Speed Watch sessions.

94 Replacement of the footbridge located alongside the road bridge over the River Brede in January 2015 by ESCC Highways

  1. To receive any updates.
    Richard Hammond - ESCC Highways - Structures Project Manager had sent photographs of the type of bridge proposed in fibre reinforced plastic. An ESCC Highways consultant was working on a bespoke design and would be providing a drawing of the new footbridge shortly.
    RESOLVED: To write to ESCC Highways to advise that based on the photographs provided the bridge was not sympathetic to a rural area and not aesthetically pleasing. It is also adjacent to a conservation area.

95 ESCC Public Consultation on the proposed changes to bus services

  1. To receive any updates
    Cllr. Glew reported that she had received a letter from ESCC confirming that under the current proposals the No 349 Bus Summer Sunday / Bank Holiday service would no longer run from October. The Monday to Saturday service will continue as a two hourly service.

96 Power supply reliability in Sedlescombe

  1. To discuss the increase in power outages through Sedlescombe.
    Concerns had been raised on the number of power outages - eight since Christmas 2013. There are several areas in the Village where trees need to be cutback to prevent them bringing electricity wires down.
    RESOLVED: To write to UK Power Networks with concerns and ask what is being done to prevent future outages.

97 Official Complaint

  1. Official Complaint received from Mr. Skinner.
    The Clerk reported: Rother DC had advised that a Freedom of Information Act issue was not a matter for them nor was a complaint against the entire Parish Council. Guidance had been obtained from Sussex Associations of Local Councils (SALC) as a complaint against the entire Parish Council was not covered in Parish Council's Complaints Procedure, which is based on the model publication issued by The National Association of Local Councils (NALC).
    RESOLVED: To write to Mr. Skinner and advise following SALC's advice a complaint cannot be made against the whole council. The complaint must direct itself to who, what is wrong / or gone wrong.

98 Information for Councillors
Cllr. Glew had obtained details and costs for Pauline Raymond's 'Sedlescombe History Cup'
Cllr. Champman reported that the path from the Village Hall upto the Church was narrowing due to the overgrown verge.