SPC logoFinance Committee Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting held on 30th June 2015
in Committee Room 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall starting at 18:00

All Minute Numbers are preceded by F15/16

Cllr Anson and Cllr Chapman,
Ex-officio members: Cllr Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council) and Cllr Glew (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Clerk/RFO: Mrs. Carol Hodgson

1 Election of Chairman of the Committee for the ensuing year
Cllr. Vine-Hall opened the meeting as Chairman of Council and invited nominations for the position of Chairman of the Finance Committee
RESOLVED: Cllr. Pauline Glew was nominated by Cllr. Vine-Hall and seconded by Cllr. Chapman and was elected unopposed.

2 Apologies
All Members were present.

3 Interests
None received

4 Written requests for dispensation
None received.

5 Public Participation
There were no Members of the public present.

6 Approval of Minutes for the meeting held on 24-Mar-2015
That the Chairman is authorised to sign the minutes of the Finance meeting held on 24-Mar-15 .

7 To receive an update on 2014/15 Year end audit

  1. Internal audit report by Alison Hillman.
    The Internal Audit Report was received with no areas for concern identified.
  2. External audit information.
    The annual return had been submitted to Parish Council's external auditor in line with the deadlines. A response was expected in September 2015.

8 To receive the latest statement of accounts

9 To receive the latest bank reconciliation
Received and noted.

10 To approve the following cheques:-

a Rother DC Parish Election 2015
b Mrs. P. Glew June bookings
c HMRC Quarterly PAYE and NI Apr/May/Jun15
d PGL Travel Limited Clerk Salary Sacrifice payment
e Carol Hodgson Salary July 2015
RESOLVED: The cheques were approved for payment

11 To receive quotes for replacement fencing along the riverbank at the Riverside Playground
Several invitations to quote for the replacement fencing had been issued and to date only 2 responses had been received. TLC - £2790+VAT and D&B Fencing - £2350+VAT.
RESOLVED: To accept the quote from D & B Fencing at £2350.00+VAT. The old fencing would be retained for future repairs.

12 To receive an update on the Traffic Calming Project

  1. Restricted parking zone opposite the shop with extended path from pub to shop.
    Sarah Valentine - Project Manager, Infrastructure Design and Delivery at ESCC advised she had met with the allocated design engineer who will be taking the scheme forward. She was aware of the consultation Parish Council needed to carry out prior to going forward for approval in September and was still working towards that deadline. The design engineer would be in touch soon with a layout plan to use for the consultation. The Clerk would keep chasing.
  2. Speed Gun
    There had been no further updates from Community Speedwatch regarding the resourcing of the equipment. Cllr. Vine-Hall had been in contact Chief Inspector Franklin the Rother District Commander who would liaise with Sgt. Paul Masterton for an update.

13 To arrange a Village Inspection and review the 2015 tasks to be completed
Cllr. Glew would arrange dates for the inspections with the Clerk and new Councillors.
Cllr. Chapman advised that the footpath through Red Barn Field was very overgrown. Landscape Services are contracted to strim the edges of path through the field but this did not appear to be happening or was proving ineffective.
RESOLVED: Cllr. Chapman to mow the footpath area and Cllr. Vine-Hall to arrange for weedkilling.

14 Date of next meeting
To be checked as advertised as Friday 30th October 2015.