SPC logoFinance Committee Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting held on 13th October 2015
in Committee Room 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall
starting at 19:00

All Minute Numbers are preceded by F15/16

Chairman - Cllr Pauline Glew
Cllr Peter Anson and Cllr Roy Chapman,
Ex-officio member: Cllr Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council)
Clerk/RFO: Mrs. Carol Hodgson

15 Apologies
All present

16 Interests in items on the Agenda
None received

17 Written requests for dispensation
None received

18 To appoint Cllr. John Page as a Member of the Finance Committee (Executive)
RESOLVED: To appoint Cllr. John Page as a Member of the Finance Committee (Executive) for the ensuing year.

19 Public Participation
No Members of the Public were present

20 Approval of Minutes for the meeting held on 30-Jun-15
That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting held on 30-Jun-15

21 To receive the External Auditors report for the year ended 2014/15
The external auditor PKF Littlejohn LLP reported:-
On the basis of our review of the annual return, in our opinion the information in the annual return is in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met.
Other matters not affecting our opinion which we draw to the attention of the Council:
The Council should consider whether expenditure on the MUGA involves the purchase of equipment that should be recorded in the fixed asset register and in box 9 on page 2, making any appropriate amendments on the 2015/16 return.
The External Auditor's comments were noted.

22 To receive the latest statement of accounts

23 To receive the latest bank reconciliation
Received and noted

24 To receive quotes for the annual insurance renewal and approve for payment
Came and Co (Local Council Insurers) had supplied three quotes: Aviva £1,309.76, Hiscox £1,001.81 and Ecclesiastical £1,193.86. Came and Co had recommended Hiscox having the best cover and the lowest premium. Hiscox also offered a 3-year long-term agreement for £951.72.
RESOLVED: To accept the quote from Hiscox for a 3-year long-term agreement at £951.72

25 To approve the following cheques:-

a PKF Littlejohn LLP External Audit 2014/15
b Sedlescombe VH September room hire
c Carol Hodgson Salary September 2015
Maintenance of Offices - Qtly pmt
Telephony and Broadband - Qtly pmt
Quarterly PAYE and NI Jul/Aug/Sep15

33.00 642.45

RESOLVED: The cheques were approved for payment

26 To discuss using Online Banking with Barclays Bank
Barclays Bank offers a 'Dual Authorisation' function that allows business' with a two signature rule to use online banking.
RESOLVED: To obtain information from other Rother Clerks who are currently using online banking.

27 To receive an update on the replacement fencing along the riverbank at the Riverside Playground
The fencing work had just recently been completed. Cllr. Chapman noted the old fence line had not been followed up to the bridge but cut across to the pumping station, which blocked access to the rest of the land. Also the 'kicking board' needed to be strengthen at the joint, as it was currently only being held by staples. The contractor had been notified and had confirmed that they would be back on site shortly to make the final adjustments.

28 To receive an update on the Traffic Calming Project

  1. Restricted parking zone opposite the shop with extended path from pub to shop.
    Parish Council had written to Enterprise Inns (who own the Queens Head Pub site) to enquire if they would consider selling / releasing to Parish Council a section of land along the inside wall of the Pub's boundary wall abutting the road with The Green to install a footpath with bollards alongside. Cllrs. Vine-Hall and Anson + The Clerk had also met with James Wheatley, the Queen's Head Pub Landlord, to discuss the proposal. The Finance Committee concluded that it would be difficult and expensive to take this option forward. Full Council will now need to consider if a beneficial scheme can be taken forward.
    RESOLVED: In the event that the proposed Traffic Calming Project does not progress the Finance Committee approves the viring of funds amounting to £5,000 to an appropriate project agreed by the Full Council.

29 To receive the annual Village Inspection report & review tasks to be completed
Cllr. Glew and The Clerk had carried out the annual Village Inspection. Members reviewed their report. Minor repairs identified will be actioned by Cllr. Chapman (when suitable) with the Village team of maintenance volunteers. The re-lining of the Eastview Kickabout area would be deferred.
RESOLVED: Cllrs. Anson and Chapman to arrange an inspection of the Pavilion. On account facilities will be set-up at Jewsons and Littlewood Fencing to enable Parish Council to purchase materials for general village maintenance.

The following were discussed in more detail:-


  1. Redefine the footpath across the field.
    RESOLVED: Cllr. Chapman will obtain costs for hiring a digger and associated materials.
  2. Clear the debris left in the field from the removal of the boundary fence / hedge with the School House.
    Cllr. Chapman advised that the School House had kindly agreed to burn the debris when dried out.
  3. Overhaul the wildlife information board nearest to the Village Hall.
    RESOLVED: Obtain quotes for a replacing the Noticeboard with a more weather resistant model.
  4. Repairing/replacing the 'kissing gate' nearest to the Village Hall.
    RESOLVED: Cllrs. Chapman and Vine-Hall to replace the 'kissing-gate' and associated fencing.

THE GREEN - Lower Green

  1. The large Oak Tree has a low lying wide spread.
    Cllr. Chapman also noted that there was a dead tree between the Village Sign and the big oak tree.
    RESOLVED: Cllr. Chapman to make arrangements for the tree to be pruned.


  1. The footpath leading from the Bus Shelter towards the lower green is diminishing due to the overgrown verge.
    RESOLVED: To ask ESCC Highways if they can reinstate the full width of the footpath.

30 To discuss setting Travelling Allowances in line with HM Revenue & Customs ‘Approved Mileage Allowance Payment’ rates.
Members are allowed to claim travelling expenses for their official duties at the rates set by HM Revenue and Customs for business travel. Currently these rates are 45p for the first 10,000miles and 25p per mile thereafter. This does not at present include any approved duty within the parish / community.
RESOLVED: To set the 'Mileage Allowance Payments' for 2015/16 at the rate specified by HM Revenue and Customs

31 Reports & Questions
To receive reports and questions from Members in brief, including items for next agenda.
Cllr. Chapman mentioned the amount of advertising signs appearing on verges and fences around the Village.

32 Date of next meeting
15th December 2015