SPC logoFinance Committee Minutes

Meeting on 15th December 2015
in Committee Room 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall
starting at 20:00

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All Minute Numbers are preceded by F14/15.

Chairman - Cllr Pauline Glew
Cllr Peter Anson and Cllr Roy Chapman,
Ex-officio member: Cllr Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council)
Clerk/RFO: Mrs. Carol Hodgson

33 Apologies
None required. All Members were present.

34 Interests in items on the Agenda
Cllr. Chapman declared a personal interest in item 38.4a as beneficiary of a cheque for £97.20 being reimbursement of materials for work carried out at Red Barn Field.

35 New written requests for Dispensation
None received.

36 Public participation session re matters on the Agenda at the Chairman's discretion.
There were no members of the public present.

37 Approval of Minutes of Finance Meeting held on 13-Oct-15
RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting held on 13-Oct-15.

38 Finance

  1. To receive the latest statement of accounts for November 2015 and transactions 1 / 2
    Received and noted.

  2. To receive the latest bank reconciliation
    Received and noted.

  3. To consider grant requests from:-
    a. Battle Area Community Transport
    RESOLVED : To award a grant of £150 to be used towards the fuel and running costs of the vehicles.
    b. Rother Rural Trust
    RESOLVED: Not to award a grant

  4. To approve the following cheques for payment:-
    a Mr. Roy Chapman RBF repairs to well covers
    b Catsfield Parish Council Stationery
    c Sedlescombe Village Hall November hire
    d SLCC Annual subscription (50% to rechg)
    e BACT Annual grant
    f Commercial Services Grounds Maint 2nd half yearly pmt
    g Mrs C Hodgson Salary - Nov '15
    RBF materials for repairs
    Freezone annual services

    RESOLVED: The cheques were approved for payment

  5. To approve the cost to hire a digger and dumper to clear rubbish from Red Barn Field and redefine the footpath.
    RESOLVED: The amount of £412 approved for Parish Council to hire a digger and dumper to clear the rubbish from Red Barn Field and redefine the path across the field. This includes the supply and laying of chippings.

  6. Internal and External Audits
    a. To appoint an Internal Auditor for the year ending 31st March 2016
    RESOLVED: To reappoint Alison Hillman as Internal Auditor for 31st March 2016.
    b. To discuss the future of external audit procurement and the new 'Sector Led Body' from 2017/18. (Audit Fact Sheet and SLB Letter)
    RESOLVED: To make independent enquiries with local accountants before making a decision.

39. Budget preparation for 2016/17

  1. Forecast of income and expenditure to 31-Mar-16

  2. To consider expenditure for inclusion in the 2016/17 budget.

    1. Traffic Calming Projects
    a. Restricted parking zone opposite the shop and extended path from pub to shop
    RESOLVED: No further budget required.
    b. Other Highway related improvements
    RESOLVED: No further projects planned for 2016/17

    2. Red Barn Field
    a. Ground maintenance.
    b. Replacing the noticeboard.
    c. Any other items for consideration.
    RESOLVED: Items a.b.c. Recommend to Full Council to allocate a budget of £600 for general grounds maintenance of Red Barn Field.

    3. Neighbourhood Plan
    a. To undertake further consultation under Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.
    RESOLVED: Recommend to Full Council to allocate a budget of £4,700 for further consultation work on the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan.

    4. Riverside Play Area
    a. To replace the old fence posts at the back of playground
    b. Any other items for consideration.
    RESOLVED: Recommend to Full Council to allocate a budget of £1500 for further fencing and general maintenance.

    5. Chairman's Allowance
    RESOLVED: That a Chairman's Allowance of £200 should be paid, as approved under Local Government Act 1972 15(5), to the Councillor elected at the Annual Meeting to the post of Chairman for the 2016-17 Council year .

    Maintenance of Offices
    RESOLVED: That, as provided by The Local Government (Financial Provisions) Act 1963, s5, (a) Maintenance of Offices payment(s) of £200 for the 2016-17 Council year should be paid to the person employed as the Parish Clerk for use of their home as the registered office of the Parish Council.

    7. Contracts
    a. Dog bin emptying
    Details of costs had not yet been received from Rother DC for 2016/17
    b. Ground Maintenance Services
    The annual quote from Landscape Services for grounds maintenance in 2016/17 totalled £3946.47 representing a 2% increase on the current year.
    RESOLVED: Recommend to Full Council to allocate a budget of £3000 for ground maintenance services and obtain other quotes.

    8. Printing Costs
    a. Annual Directory x 800 copies
    Fastprint had increased the cost of printing the Annual Directory's by £25.
    RESOLVED: Recommend to Full Council to retain the budget at £660 for printing of the Annual Directory and 3 Bulletins.
    b. Quarterly Bulletins x 700 copies
    The Bulletins would remain the same price.
    RESOLVED: Recommend to Full Council to retain the budget at £660 for printing of the Annual Directory and 3 Bulletins.

    9. Other
    a. Any other items of expenditure for consideration.
    Members discussed other items of expenditure for 2016/17. Rother DC had advised that the proposed tax base for Sedlescombe for 2016/17 was 653.15 an increase of 25.41 on the current year. The Council Tax Reduction scheme had yet yo be confirmed but it was anticipated there would be a reduction of 15% on 2015/16.
    RESOLVED: Recommend to Full Council the following:-
    * To make a small base increase in the precept linked to Rother DC, which is to be confirmed but will not exceed 2%.
    * To allocate a budget of £2,300 for maintenance of Parish Council's assets and establish a reserve.
    * To increase the MUGA reserves to £4,500 by transfer of £2,600 from the General Reserves.
    * To establish a reserve for replacing the fencing in Red Barn Field at £300 pa.

40 To receive an update on using Online Banking facilities
Online banking had been discussed at the Rother Local Council Clerks meeting in November. The arrangements varied from bank to bank but generally for Clerks to have online access to their Parish Council's bank account, they needed to be bank signatories. To be discussed at the Full Council meeting.

41 Date of next meeting
Date of next meeting confirmed as Tuesday 22nd March 2016.