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All Minute Numbers are preceded by C14/15.

Cllr. J Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council, Cllr. P Glew (Vice-Chairman of the Council),
Cllrs. Anson, Chapman, Eldridge, Fraser
Clerk/RFO: Mrs Carol Hodgson

Also present:
District Cllr T Ganly (all); PCSO Demi Georghiou (first part); 3 Members of the public

Due to his time constraints PCSO Demetrius Georghiou was invited to speak first:

PCSO Demetrius Georghiou reported as from the new year his 'area' had broadened to include Westfield and Broad Oak. Over the Christmas and New Year there had been a high-vis presence in the village and no burglaries. Reported incidents included anti-social behaviour in East View Terrace, threatening behaviour by pupil to staff at Sedlescombe CEP School and a significant increase in domestic violence. A general check and note of parked vehicles was made in the Village, which helps to link incidents. As part of Sussex Police's drink and drug-drive campaign Demi had patrolled in the distinctively marked Police/Taxi vehicle. This was designed as a visual aid to people not to drink and drive but to get a real taxi home - to prevent them ending up in the police taxi on the way to custody. Jan Jung - the Senior Community Speedwatch Coordinator - was encouraging local speedwatch teams to hold more regular sessions to help combat speeding. The Speedwatch signs left with Parish Council in December could only be displayed for up to 3 months.

The Chairman brought forward item 149. Casual Vacancies - To receive an update and meet further candidates and closed the meeting at 19:10 due to the confidential nature of the business. 2 Members of the public and Cllr. Tony Ganly left the meeting.

149 Casual Vacancies

  1. To receive an update and meet further candidates.
    Since the last meeting in December Cllr. Simon Lawrence had resigned due to personal commitments leaving 2 vacancies to be filled. Interest had been received from 3 people and 2 candidates had already met with Councillors. The third applicant was present for a question and answer session.
    RESOLVED: After careful consideration Members agreed on the 2 candidates they wished to co-opt. The period of office would be until the elections on 7th May 2015. Cllr. Vine-Hall would write to and thank the remaining applicant.

The Chairman re-opened the meeting and invited Cllr. Ganly and the 2 members of the public back in.

The Chairman invited the following to speak:

District Councillor Tony Ganly reported that just before Christmas Central Government had announced the Revenue Support Grant which had been better than expected. The referendum limit to increase Council Tax is set at 2%. Rother DC would need to decide if to increase the Council Tax by 1.9% or go for no increase and accept the Revenue Support Grant of £73,000. Remaining with finances Cllr. Ganly advised that it maybe necessary to increase the cost of the Garden Waste service to the customer which was currently being subsidised by Rother DC.

144 Apologies
Cllr. Parsons and Mrs. Marian Ham.

145 Interests in accordance with 2012 Code of Conduct

  1. To note dispensations already granted to parish councillors up to May 2015.
  2. To receive new written requests for dispensation.
  3. To receive councillors' updates on their forms of declarations of interests.
  4. To receive councillors' declarations of interest regarding matters on the agenda.

146 Public participation session re matters on the Agenda at the Chairman's discretion
A Member of the public referred to a letter they had received from Rother DC in relation to the Neighbourhood Plan Consultation and questioned why no updates had appeared in Parish Council's minutes. Cllr. Vine-Hall advised there had been no further updates. The NHP was in the control of Rother DC and currently awaiting inspection as per the statement posted on Rother DC's website.

147 Minutes
RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Minutes of the meeting held on

148 Minutes of Committee Meetings
RESOLVED: That the minutes of 09-Dec-2014 were received.

150 Finance

  1. RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliation at the end of November 2014 is approved
  2. RESOLVED: That the Ratification / approval of the cheque list for December 2014 is approved.
  3. Sedlescombe Parish Precept for the 2015/16 financial year.
    RESOLVED: That the Precept will be set at £42,479 resulting in no increase to Band D Council Tax.
    (Details of the precept amount and breakdown of figures are available here)

151 Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan

  1. To receive any updates.
    Cllr. Vine-Hall reported that the Neighbourhood Plan is awaiting the Inspector to proceed with the examination. Details can be found on Rother DC's website under 'What happens next'. The plan is now entirely in the hands of the District Council.

152 Appeal No. 2264 - RR/2014/147/P Brede Lane - land at, Sedlescombe.

  1. To receive any updates.
    Cllr. Vine-Hall advised that the outcome of the public enquiry was due in March. Greg Barker MP had written to the Secretary of State - Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP (Letters 1 and 2) to support Parish Council in asking for the Neighbourhood Plan to be taken into consideration as part of the appeal process.

153 Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground

  1. Playground Reports
    The playgrounds continued to be regularly inspected and there had been no causes for concern raised. A new rota would be circulated for the coming year.

154 Sedlescombe Sportsfield

  1. To receive any reports
    Cllr. Anson had no further updates to report.

155 Traffic Calming

  1. To receive an update on applying for match funding from the ESCC Community Match Funding Highways Initiative up to £5000 for specific traffic calming measures.
    Cllr. Eldridge reported that the application for funding would be considered at ESCC's meeting in February.
  2. To receive an update on purchasing a Speed Gun
    The Clerk advised that the Speed Gun had not been purchased as the Community Speedwatch online shop had yet to go live.
  3. To receive an update on the latest Speed Watch sessions.
    Cllr. Eldridge advised that Cllr. Parsons would be taking a lead on future Speed Watch sessions. At present there are 20 volunteers but it would be useful to have more as there are not always enough people available at any one time.

156 Replacement of the footbridge located alongside the road bridge over the River Brede in January 2015 by ESCC Highways

  1. To receive any updates.
    East Sussex Highways had issued a notification of the work commencing from Thursday 15th January for approximately 9 working days. The Street would be closed on Monday 19th and Friday 23rd January between 10.15am and 3.30pm to allow a crane to be placed in the road for lifting the footbridge. A diversion would be in operation at this time.

157 Power supply reliability in Sedlescombe

  1. To receive an update on writing to UK Power Networks in relation to the increase in power outages through Sedlescombe.
    There were no further updates to report. It was agreed to remove this item from the agenda.

158 Sedlescombe Fete 2015

  1. To receive any reports
    Cllr. Anson reported that arrangements for the Fete were progressing well. Interested parties had been contacted and commitments were being firmed-up.

159 Parish Council Publications

  1. To discuss the date of the next bulletin and contents
    RESOLVED: The next bulletin would be published towards June.
  2. To discuss items for the Annual Assembly directory 2015
    Members reviewed the Annual Directory for 2014.
    RESOLVED: To follow the same format as the 2014 Annual Assembly Directory. To make contact with advertisers and village societies for their inclusion. Update Councillor details were necessary. Compose a Welcome and Farewell write-up. Appropriate Village photographs to be sent to The Clerk.

160 The Pauline Raymond History Cup

  1. To receive any updates.
    Enquiries had been received in relation to the competition.
    RESOLVED: For clarity all competition matters will be referred to and dealt with by Mrs. Pauline Raymond. The trophy will be presented by Mrs. Pauline Raymond at the Annual Assembly on 28th April 2015.

161 Footpaths

  1. To receive an update on the report of a Parish Council 'Footpath Volunteer' diverting from a public right of way.
    Members had received the latest update and noted the comments. Having spoken to the individual concerned, at the time of the incident they had not been acting in their capacity of a Parish Council Volunteer.
    RESOLVED: That no further action is required.

162 Volunteers

  1. To discuss appealing for further volunteers
    Members discussed the areas were further support was needed.
    RESOLVED: To issue a village notice asking for help with delivering bulletins, odd jobs, Speedwatch sessions and footpaths.

163 Village Green

  1. To discuss adapting / replacing the litter bin outside the Village Store
    RESOLVED: Parish Council do not own this litter bin. Matters relating to the litter bin will need to be referred to the Village Store.
  2. To discuss the recent vandalism to the Bus Shelter
    Cllr. Chapman reported that the Bus Shelter opposite the garage had been vandalised over the Christmas period. He had to re-fix the 4 weatherboard sections to left side of shelter

164 Information for Councillors
Members to review the offer from the Village Shop to move the Noticeboard from the side wall of the shop to their fence facing the Village Green.