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All Minute Numbers are preceded by C14/15.

165 Apologies

166 Interests in accordance with 2012 Code of Conduct

  1. To note dispensations already granted to parish councillors up to May 2015.
  2. To receive new written requests for dispensation.
  3. To receive councillors' updates on their forms of declarations of interests.
  4. To receive councillors' declarations of interest regarding matters on the agenda.

167 Public participation session re matters on the Agenda at the Chairman's discretion.

168 Approval of Minutes of Council Meeting held on 06-Jan-2015

169 Casual Vacancies

  1. To confirm the appointment of two new Councillors
  2. To discuss the current Casual Vacancy

170 Police Community Support Officer

  1. To review the outcome of Sussex Police broadening PCSO Demi Georghiou's area of cover.

171 Planning Applications

  1. RR/2014/3073/P - Acorn Chalet, Churchland Lane, Sedlescombe
    Proposed extension to garage with formation of ancillary accommodation over
  2. RR/2015/75/TN - Swift Lite Charcoal Company, Marley Lane, Sedlescombe
    Proposed equipment upgrade at existing electronic communications site
  3. RR/2015/106/P - Spilsted Farm, Stream Lane, Sedlescombe/Whatlington
    Remodel land to improve visibility on airstrip with construction access via A21
  4. RR/2015/107/P - Highfield Cottage, Church Hill, Sedlescombe
    Proposed extension with internal and external alterations

172 Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan

  1. To receive latest updates and discuss the next steps.

173 Current Appeal updates

  1. No. 2264 - RR/2014/147/P Brede Lane - land at, Sedlescombe.
  2. No. 2279 - RR/2014/1007/P By the Way, Sandrock Hill, Sedlescombe

174 The Village Green

  1. Annual review of advertising on the Village Green
  2. Request for use of the Village Green on May 16th for Sedlescombe May Fayre

175 Traffic Calming

  1. To receive an update on applying for match funding from the ESCC Community Match Funding Highways Initiative up to £5000 for specific traffic calming measures.
  2. To receive an update on purchasing a Speed Gun
  3. To review the current Speed Watch arrangements.

176 Replacement of the footbridge located alongside the road bridge over the River Brede in January 2015 by ESCC Highways

  1. To receive any updates.
177 Finance
  1. To reappoint Alison Hillman as Internal Auditor for the year end accounts 2014/15
  2. To approve the following cheques:-
    a Sedlescombe Village Hall December 2014 Hall Hire   £30.00
    b HMRC PAYE Oct-Dec14   £819.94
    c Sedlescombe Village Hall January 2015 Hall Hire   £10.00
    d Arbor Tree Surgery Section fell dead tree in Riverside Play Area
    e James Kemp Digger Hire for clearance of path to Church   £150.00
    f Carol Hodgson Salary January 2015
    SLCC Annual Fees 50%
    8 x Archive Boxes
    £ 83.50
    £ 55.87



  3. To discuss bank signatories.
  4. To consider a request for financial support.

178 Footpaths

  1. To receive any updates

179 Annual Assembly and Directory

  1. To receive any updates

180 Surface water problem in Brede Lane

  1. To discuss the issue of black ice caused by the water from springs running across the pavement along Brede Lane (above Springfield Cottage).

181 Volunteers

  1. To receive feedback on the appeal for further volunteers

182 Update on the Business Facebook Page

183 Information for Councillors - for noting or inclusion on future agenda

Mrs Carol Hodgson
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer
Sedlescombe Parish Council
075 310 654 69