SPC logoCouncil Meeting Agenda

To: All Parish Councillors

You are hereby summoned to attend the Meeting of the Parish Council
on Tuesday 10th November 2015 at 19:00

in Committee Room 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall

Signed: Carol Hodgson
Mrs. Carol Hodgson Clerk to Sedlescombe Parish Council
075 310 654 69 / clerk@sedlescombe.org.uk

~ ~ ~

If present, the following will be invited to speak:
County Councillor Angharad Davies
District Councillor Tony Ganly
Mrs Marian Ham (Head of Sedlescombe Primary School)
Mrs Susan Walton (Chief Executive of Pestalozzi International Village)
PCSO Demetrius Georghiou

119 Apologies

120 Interests in accordance with 2012 Code of Conduct

  1. To receive new written requests for dispensation.
  2. To receive councillors' declarations of interest regarding matters on the agenda.

121 Public participation session re matters on the Agenda at the Chairman's discretion.

122 Approval of Minutes for the meeting held on 22-Sep-15

123 To receive Minutes of Committee Meetings.

  1. That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Finance Committee held on 13-Oct-15 are received.

124 Red Barn Field

  1. To discuss the managing of Red Barn Field.
  2. To receive an update on the boundary fence with School House

125 Neighbourhood Plan

  1. To receive an update.
  2. The next stage of the Neighbourhood Plan process: To consider the options available following Rother DC's Cabinet Meeting on 2nd November 2015 (Report / Appendix 1 / Appendix 2 / Minutes Item CB15/43) and to pass a resolution on the NHP.
    The following are the options available:-
    a. To accept the Examiner’s modifications and proceed with the Neighbourhood Plan incorporating the Examiner's modifications to local referendum.
    b. To withdraw the Neighbourhood Plan for further refinement, potentially including new sites and undertake further consultation under Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

126 Planning

  1. To consider response to planning applications.

    a. RR/2015/2416/P - 1 School Terrace, The Street, Sedlescombe
    Proposed single storey rear extension & internal alterations.

    b. RR/2015/2431/P - Greensleeves, The Street, Sedlescombe
    Single storey rear extension & roof alterations.

    c. RR/2015/2465/P - 28 Gorselands, Sedlescombe
    Proposed roof conversion to form 2 No. bedrooms and bathroom with a dormer window and 2 No. velux windows to the front elevation, a velux window to the side elevation and a dormer window to the rear elevation.

    d. RR/2015/2492/P - Homestall, The Street, sedlescombe
    Demolition of existing double garage and replacement with new double garage/ workshop and log store.

    e. RR/2015/2529/P - Stream Farm, Stream Lane, Sedlescombe
    Proposed first floor extension over existing approved extension (RR/2009/115/P).

    f. RR/2015/2633/P - 1 Coach House Cottages, Hurst Lane, Sedlescombe
    Proposed two storey side extension- partially to replace conservatory type entrance porch.

    g. RR/2015/2042/P - Cressenden (formally known as Shercot), Sandrock Hill, Sedlescombe
    New detached domestic garage.

    h. RR/2015/2303/P - The Meadows, Harts Green, Westfield
    Demolition of existing outbuilding known as 'Lisset Lodge' and erection of a replacement building to be used as a holiday let and for ancillary use by family members/friends of the occupiers of The Meadows. Erection of open-sided car port (Retrospective).

  2. To receive advice of decisions on previous applications

    a. RR/2015/1999/P - 6 Swailes Green Cottages, Cripps Corner, Sedlescombe
    Single storey extension to rear and bay window to front.
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL : As per decision notice 16-Oct-15

    b. RR/2015/2088/L - Post Office, The Green, Sedlescombe
    Erection of Signage and noticeboard.
    LISTED BC GRANTED : As per decision notice 14-Oct-15

    c. RR/2015/2104/P - Hastings Fly Fishing Club, Reservoir Lane, Sedlescombe
    The stationing of 3 lodges (one for water bailiff & two for fisherman holiday lets).
    REFUSED : As per decision notice

    d. RR/2015/2188/P - 15 Park Shaw, Sedlescombe
    First floor extension over existing garage.
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL : As per decision notice 21-Oct-15

    e. RR/2015/2326/P - Cottage Lane - Land at, Sedlescombe
    Erection of stables and access track.
    REFUSED : As per decision notice 30-Oct-15

    f. RR/2015/106/P - Spilsted Farm, Stream Lane, Sedlescombe/Whatlington 
    Remodel land to improve visibility on airstrip with construction access via A21.
    REFUSED : As per decision notice 28-Aug-15

127 To consider a response to the consultation of the Electoral Review of East Sussex County and Rother District by the Local Governement Boundary Commission. (RDC's proposals - OSC Report / Minutes)

* REVISION 6-NOV-15 - RDC's new proposal *

128 Traffic Calming Project: To receive an update on the restricted parking zone opposite the shop with extended path from the pub to the shop.

129 To consider an offer of transferring ownership of a parcel of land - the ghyll at 'Cartref', The Street - to Parish Council or a local organisation that would be interested in looking after it as a small nature reserve.

130 To discuss an access problem to the Doctor's Surgery in Brede Lane for Disabled residents with small disabillity vehicles.

131 To nominate 2 Sedlescombe PC representatives to SALC.

132 To consider a grant request from St John the Baptist Church

133 To consider a request for the Under 6's Sedlescombe Rangers Team to hire the MUGA on a Saturday morning for 1 hour.

134 Jobs Network Facebook page - to receive an update

135 Finance

  1. To receive the statement of accounts to October '15 and transactions 1 / 2
  2. To receive the bank reconciliation for September '15 and October '15
  3. To approve the following cheques for payment:-


Fastprint and Design Ltd

Bulletin Issue 51




Legal & Finance Day (50/50 CPC)
Clerks Networking Day (50/50 CPC)




Sedlescombe Village Hall

October Hall Hire



D&B Fencing

Riverside Play Ground Fencing



Carol Hodgson

Salary - Oct15
Came & Co - Annual Insurance
Travel Expenses (50/50 CPC)



136 Reports & Questions
To receive reports and questions from Members in brief, including items for next agenda.