SPC logoCouncil Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 10th November 2015
at 19:00
in Committee Room 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall

All Minute numbers are preceded by C15/16

Cllr. Vine-Hall (Chairman)
Cllrs. Anson, Brister, Chapman, Fraser, Glew (Vice-Chair), Page, Parsons and Veitch
Clerk/RFO: Mrs Carol Hodgson

Also Present:
Cllr. Angharad Davies - County Councillor, Cllr. Tony Ganly - District Councillor, Mr. Stephen Phipps, Mr. Colin Boyd, Mr. Martin Hall and Mr. Keith Datchler - High Weald Landscape Trust.

The Chairman invited the following to speak:

County Councillor Angharad Davies reported ESCC had been discussing the next 3 years savings plan. The Chancellor was due to announce his plan in December but it was anticipated that ESCC would need to be looking for savings of £23m on next years budget 2016/17.
Adult Social Care Services are currently out to consultation - 'Tough budget decisions – adult social care savings' www.consultation.eastsussex.gov.uk/adult-social-care/budget/consult_view. ACS represents a large big proportion of Countys expenditure at £10m of the £158m budget.
The 'You’re Hired East Sussex Apprenticeship' campaign launched in March 2015 targeting 500 employers across the five districts and boroughs of the county to pledge to hire an apprentice had exceeded it's target.
In an attempt to remove the stigma of mental health ESCC were calling on business to promote mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. 4th November 2015 was National Stress awareness day.
Public Health England has launched a national winter campaign starting with the largest flu vaccination programme. The adult flu vaccine will be offered for free to those in groups at particular risk of infection and complications from flu.
Cllr. Davies will be attending the Leader meeting considering the Community Match Funding proposals to be taken forward in 2016/17 and asked the situation with Parish Council's Traffic Calming Project. Cllr. Vine-Hall advised this was due to be discussed later in the meeting but asked Cllr. Anson to give a brief update to Cllr. Davies. For information Cllr. Anson reported that following a meeting with James Wheatley - Proprietor at the Queens Head Pub - he would be advising Parish Council that it was impractical to move forward with a scheme to install bollards along the footpath. The Clerk would advise Cllr. Davies of the outcome of the later discussion whether to progress the scheme or not. Cllr. Davies left the meeting.

District Councillor Tony Ganly reported that next week there will be a one-off special Full Council meeting to consider the report of the Cabinet on the proposed warding patterns for Rother which would come into effect in 2019. It had been proposed to create a Sedlescombe and Westfield Ward to include Three Oaks. Two District Councillors would be appointed to this ward. Each Councillor represents around 2000 residents.
Cabinet had met last week and discussed the proposed modifications recommended by the Examiner to the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan. Cabinet concluded to ask if Sedlescombe Parish Council wished to withdraw the Neighbourhood Plan and undertake further consultation under Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. Cllr Ganly had advised Rother DC that he hoped the Parish Council would agree to withdraw the Neighbourhood Plan for further refinement.

Mrs Susan Walton (Chief Executive of Pestalozzi International Village) was not available to attend but had sent a brief update.
'We are now only missing one student, a young lady from Zambia. We hope that she will be able to join us within the next couple of weeks and that this isn’t too late for her to catch up with her college work. The roof is on the Pestalozzi Centre! We are holding an International Quiz Night at 6.30pm on Thursday. Entry is £10 a person to include supper. Teams of up to six people. Please do come along. It will be great fun and you can meet all the new first years. Christmas Market is on Saturday 5th December. That will be your last chance to buy Winter Raffle Tickets (£1 each) and there are some wonderful prizes'.

119 Apologies
Mrs Marian Ham (Head of Sedlescombe Primary School), Mrs Susan Walton (Chief Executive of Pestalozzi International Village) and PCSO Demetrius Georghiou

120 Interests in accordance with 2012 Code of Conduct

  1. To receive new written requests for dispensation.
    None received.
  2. To receive councillors' declarations of interest regarding matters on the agenda.
    Cllr. Debra Veitch declared a personal interest in:-
    > Item 126.1h. RR/2015/2303/P - The Meadows, Harts Green, Westfield as the applicant.

121 Public participation session re matters on the Agenda at the Chairman's discretion.
Mr. Phipps was attending in relation to item 126.1g RR/2015/2042/P - Cressenden (formally known as Shercot), Sandrock Hill, Sedlescombe as the applicant to answer any questions Councillors may have.
Mr. Colin Boyd, Mr. Martin Hall and Mr. Keith Datchler - High Weald Landscape Trust asked to speak in relation to item 124.1 To discuss the managing of Red Barn Field.
Cllr. Vine-Hall firstly thanked Mr. Datchler for arranging to cut Red Barn Field with the aid of a grant and secondly Mr. Boyd for the comprehensive document he had produced describing the purpose of and the proposed management of Red Barn Field.
Mr. Datchler explained that his interest in Red Barn Field was the Biodiversity value and quality of the field, which was a real gem for the community. He could not recommend more highly to protect this asset and is willing to help where he can.

122 Approval of Minutes for the meeting held on 22-Sep-15
RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd September 2015.

123 To receive Minutes of Committee Meetings.

  1. Minutes of the Meetings of the Finance Committee held on 13-Oct-15 are received.
    RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Finance Committee held on 13th October 2015 are received.

124 Red Barn Field

  1. To discuss the managing of Red Barn Field.
    Parish Council considered Mr. Boyd's 'Red Barn Field - Purpose and Management' report which had been previously circulated. Members discussed the merits of setting-up a Committee or Working Group to oversee and establish an appropriate maintenance programme combining Parish Council's existing Management Plan with Mr. Boyd's proposal. The Clerk confirmed a letter had been sent to Mrs Cole and Mr Pitcher at Church Hill Farm for kindly agreeing to take the cuttings from the recent mowing of Red Barn Field.
    1. Parish Council will set-up a 'Red Barn Field Working Group' led and organised by Cllr. Glew. Present Members confirmed as: Cllrs. Glew, Page, Brister and Chapman, Mr Colin Boyd and Mr. Keith Datchler.
    2. Cllr. Glew to follow-up a request to place a Memorial Bench in the Village for use at Red Barn Field

  2. To receive an update on the boundary fence with School House
    Parish Council noted that the new fence erected by the School House was slightly out in relation to the land registry deeds, but followed the previous fence line just removed. Parish Council to write and thank the School House for clearing away the majority of the debris from Red Barn Field.

125 Neighbourhood Plan

  1. To receive an update.
    The Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee Cllr. Vine-Hall went over the main points of the Neighbourhood Plan process this year. It had been unfortunate that due to the government elections process Rother DC had not been available to meeting until late July.
    In this interim period other site owners had come forward who wished their sites to be considered for inclusion in the plan. Parish Council had also been approached by Hassocks Parish Council who was preparing a Neighbourhood plan and interested in the comments the Examiner had made in relation to Street Farm not meeting the basic conditions to be designated a green space. Hassocks PC shared information collated from Examiner decisions on other extensive tracts of land. As a result of this information, Graham Fifield was commissioned to produce a report 'Local Green Spaces - Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan' in preparation for the meeting with Rother DC to support Street Farm being designated as a green space. (The fee of £350.00 to commission the report was approved by the Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Clerk under delegated authority). At the meeting with Rother DC Cllr. Vine-Hall emphasised to Rother DC that Parish Council was mindful that this is the Community's Neighbourhood Plan and not the Parish Council's plan. To get a 'Yes' vote the policies should not conflict with the well-articulated direction given by the Community over three consultations. The Neighbourhood Plan Committee had drafted 3 scenarios for discussion with Rother DC which could have taken the plan through to referendum.
    Rother DC Officers advised they would need to take the information away to properly investigate there merits, as well as seek legal advice on where Officers stood in relation to accepting/making further modifications to the plan beyond that submitted to or recommended by the Examiner. Cllr. Vine-Hall continued that a follow-up meeting was requested on several occasions with Rother DC which did not happen.
    Dr. Anthony Leonard - the Rother DC Executive Director of Business Operations prepared a report for the Cabinet Meeting on 2nd November 2015. This report was released to the public and Sedlescombe PC on 23rd October 2015. This was without any consultation or discussion with Parish Council. Following this report Parish Council made a request under the Freedom of Information Act for Following this report Parish Council made a request under the Freedom of Information Act for the questions asked of and responses given by Rother DC’s Legal Solicitor and Queens Counsel as referred to in the report to Cabinet for the 2nd November 2015 meeting. The request was refused under Environmental Information Regulations 2004, as the information was covered by legal professional privilege and was exempt under Reg 12(5)(b) and in the circumstances of the case, the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosure of the information Reg 12(1)(b).
    RESOLVED: Parish Council will withdraw the Neighbourhood Plan and undertake further consultation under Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, incorporating further testing of options and strategic environmental assessment before resubmitting the revised plan. Rother DC will be notified of this decision. Delegated powers were given to the Chairman - Cllr. Vine-Hall to progress with the next stage of the Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan Committee was confirmed as Cllrs. Brister, Chapman, Fraser, Glew, Parsons, Page and Veitch.

126 Planning

  1. To consider response to planning applications.

    a. RR/2015/2416/P - 1 School Terrace, The Street, Sedlescombe
    Proposed single storey rear extension & internal alterations.
    Cllr. Anson reported.
    RESOLVED: Parish Council has no objections.

    b. RR/2015/2431/P - Greensleeves, The Street, Sedlescombe
    Single storey rear extension & roof alterations.
    Cllr. Glew reported.
    RESOLVED: Parish Council has no objections.

    c. RR/2015/2465/P - 28 Gorselands, Sedlescombe
    Proposed roof conversion to form 2 No. bedrooms and bathroom with a dormer window and 2 No. velux windows to the front elevation, a velux window to the side elevation and a dormer window to the rear elevation.
    Cllr. Chapman reported.
    RESOLVED: Parish Council has no objections.

    d. RR/2015/2492/P - Homestall, The Street, sedlescombe
    Demolition of existing double garage and replacement with new double garage/ workshop and log store.
    Cllr. Anson reported.
    RESOLVED: Parish Council is concerned with the size of the proposed building and also with the finish / materials which are not in keeping with the character of the existing dwelling and its surroundings.

    e. RR/2015/2529/P - Stream Farm, Stream Lane, Sedlescombe
    Proposed first floor extension over existing approved extension (RR/2009/115/P).
    Cllr. Anson declared a personal interest in this item as a personal friend and neighbour to the applicant.
    Cllr. Vine-Hall reported.
    RESOLVED: Parish Council has no objections.

    f. RR/2015/2633/P - 1 Coach House Cottages, Hurst Lane, Sedlescombe
    Proposed two storey side extension- partially to replace conservatory type entrance porch.
    Cllr. Vine-Hall reported.
    RESOLVED: Parish Council has no objections.

    g. RR/2015/2042/P - Cressenden (formally known as Shercot), Sandrock Hill, Sedlescombe
    New detached domestic garage.
    Parish Council apologised to the applicant in attendance as they were unable to properly review the application.
    RESOLVED: This planning application was deferred to the next meeting as there had been insufficient time to review the application.

    h. RR/2015/2303/P - The Meadows, Harts Green, Westfield
    Demolition of existing outbuilding known as 'Lisset Lodge' and erection of a replacement building to be used as a holiday let and for ancillary use by family members/friends of the occupiers of The Meadows. Erection of open-sided car port (Retrospective).
    RESOLVED: As the applicant is a Sedlescombe Parish Councillor, Parish Council is not commenting on this planning proposal.

  2. To receive advice of decisions on previous applications

    a. RR/2015/1999/P - 6 Swailes Green Cottages, Cripps Corner, Sedlescombe
    Single storey extension to rear and bay window to front.
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL : As per decision notice 16-Oct-15

    b. RR/2015/2088/L - Post Office, The Green, Sedlescombe
    Erection of Signage and noticeboard.
    LISTED BC GRANTED : As per decision notice 14-Oct-15

    c. RR/2015/2104/P - Hastings Fly Fishing Club, Reservoir Lane, Sedlescombe
    The stationing of 3 lodges (one for water bailiff & two for fisherman holiday lets).
    REFUSED : As per decision notice

    d. RR/2015/2188/P - 15 Park Shaw, Sedlescombe
    First floor extension over existing garage.
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL : As per decision notice 21-Oct-15

    e. RR/2015/2326/P - Cottage Lane - Land at, Sedlescombe
    Erection of stables and access track.
    REFUSED : As per decision notice 30-Oct-15

    f. RR/2015/106/P - Spilsted Farm, Stream Lane, Sedlescombe/Whatlington 
    Remodel land to improve visibility on airstrip with construction access via A21.
    REFUSED : As per decision notice 28-Aug-15

127 To consider a response to the consultation of the Electoral Review of East Sussex County and Rother District by the Local Government Boundary Commission. (RDC's proposals - OSC Report / Minutes)

* REVISION 6-NOV-15 - RDC's new proposal *

Parish Council noted the proposed warding for Sedlescombe was to leave the Northern Rother ward and form a new ward of 'Sedlescombe and Westfield' to include Three Oaks. Two District Councillors would be appointed to the ward. The proposed changes would take place in 2019.
RESOLVED: Parish Council had no comments to submit on the consultation.

128 Traffic Calming Project: To receive an update on the restricted parking zone opposite the shop with extended path from the pub to the shop.
Cllr. Vine-Hall reported that following a letter to Enterprise Inns (owners of the Queens Head Pub) Parish Council had met with James Wheatley-the Proprietor of the Queens Head Pub - to discuss the possibility of releasing to Parish Council a section of land along the length of the pubs boundary wall from where the current footway stops down to the shop to create a footpath inside the pub wall to provide enough road width to install bollards along the footpath. The conclusion was it would be too complicated and costly. There was no other way of widening the road at this point as the opposite side is the Village Green which is protected and would not meet with approval from local residents. ESCC Highways had estimated that the existing scheme to extend the path from the pub to the shop, create a restricted parking zone opposite the shop together with the associated signing and road markings that would be required would cost approximately £15,000. With Community Match Funding the cost to Parish Council would be £7,500. A budget of £5,000 had been set aside for 2015/2016. A further £2,500 would be requested from the Finance Committee, possibly out of Parish Council's general reserves.
RESOLVED: Subject to a community consultation, Parish Council to progress with the project to extend the path from the pub to the shop, create a restricted parking zone opposite the shop together with the associated signing and road markings that would be required at an approximate cost of £7,500

129 To consider an offer of transferring ownership of a parcel of land - the ghyll at 'Cartref', The Street - to Parish Council or a local organisation that would be interested in looking after it as a small nature reserve.
Councillors were in favour of the parcel of land being preserved as a small nature reserve. The majority of Councillors felt that the Parish Council was not in a position to take this on. One Councillor abstained and one Councillor was in favour of taking on the Ghyll. Parish Council would ask if Keith Datchler's organisation 'High Weald Landscape Trust' would be interested in the offer.
RESOLVED: Parish Council will decline the offer to take ownership of the Ghyll alongside 'Cartref'. High Weald Landscape Trust to be asked if they would be interested in the offer.

130 To discuss an access problem to the Doctor's Surgery in Brede Lane for Disabled residents with small disability vehicles.
Parish Council had been notified of a disabled patient who was experiencing difficulties accessing the Sedlescombe Doctors Surgery with their small disability vehicle. The patient had been in contact with the Surgery but as yet had not received a response. Parish Council had been asked if they would contact the surgery on behalf of this patient.
RESOLVED: Parish Council will forward the concern onto the Doctors Surgery for resolving.

131 To nominate 2 Sedlescombe PC representatives to SALC.
The Chairman asked for nominations. Cllrs Glew and Parsons were prepared to stand.
RESOLVED: To appoint Cllrs. Glew and Parsons as representatives to SALC for the remainder of the Council year.

132 To consider a grant request from St John the Baptist Church
Cllr. Vine-Hall reported on a request from St. John the Baptist Church seeking a donation / grant to assist with the grounds maintenance of the Parish Churchyard. For many years they had received an annual donation from the Sedlescombe Societies Association which they now believed had been wound up. Parish Council was advised that the Sedlescombe Societies Association had not been wound up and suggested they write to them for a donation.
RESOLVED: Parish Council to advise St John the Baptist Church to write to Mr. Peter Anson at the Sedlescombe Societies Association for a donation. Should this not be successful, to let Parish Council know.

133 To consider a request for the Under 6's Sedlescombe Rangers Team to hire the MUGA on a Saturday morning for 1 hour.
Subject to checking with Nick Montague - Tennis Coach who uses the MUGA for Tennis Coaching on a Saturday morning, Councillors had no objections to the request.
RESOLVED: Parish Council to confirm usage of the MUGA with Nick Montague. If available the Under 6's Sedlescombe Rangers Team will be advised they can use the MUGA at the current rate.

134 Jobs Network Facebook page - to receive an update
Cllr. Brister reported that the Facebook page has nearly reached 500 'Likes' . Further connections were being made via other peoples pages. There had been a variety of information posted including lost cats and dogs and domestic vacancies. Cllr. Brister had received lots of positive feedback and thanks from promoters.

135 Finance

  1. To receive the statement of accounts to October '15 and transactions 1 / 2
    RESOLVED: That the statement of accounts to October '15 and transactions 1 / 2 are received.
  2. To receive the bank reconciliation for September '15 and October '15
    RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliation for September '15 and October '15
  3. To approve the following cheques for payment:-


Fastprint and Design Ltd

Bulletin Issue 51




Legal & Finance Day (50/50 CPC)
Clerks Networking Day (50/50 CPC)




Sedlescombe Village Hall

October Hall Hire



D&B Fencing

Riverside Play Ground Fencing



Carol Hodgson

Salary - Oct15
Came & Co - Annual Insurance
Travel Expenses (50/50 CPC)



RESOLVED: That the cheques are approved for payment

136 Reports & Questions
To receive reports and questions from Members in brief, including items for next agenda.