SPC logoFinance Committee Agenda

Meeting on 13th December 2016 at
Sedlescombe CEP School
starting after the Full Council Meeting at 19:00

Signed: Carol Hodgson
Mrs. Carol Hodgson Clerk to Sedlescombe Parish Council
075 310 654 69 / clerk@sedlescombe.org.uk

~ ~ ~

Chairman: Cllr Pauline Glew
Cllrs. Anson and Chapman
Ex-officio member: Cllr Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council)

F16/27 Apologies

F16/28 Interests in items on the Agenda

F16/29 Written requests for dispensation

F16/30 Public Participation
To receive requests from the public for permission to speak on matters on the agenda with the Chairman's approval.

F16/31 Approval of Minutes for the meeting held on 11-Oct-16

F16/32 To receive the latest statement of accounts

F16/33 To receive the latest bank reconciliation for November 2016

F16/34 Budget preparation for 2017/18

  1. Forecast of income and expenditure to 31-Mar-17

  2. To consider expenditure for inclusion in the 2017/18 budget.

    1. Traffic Calming Projects

    2. Red Barn Field
    a. Grounds maintenance.
    b. Any other items for consideration.

    3. Neighbourhood Plan

    4. Riverside Play Area

    5. Chairman's Allowance

    6. Maintenance of Offices

    7. Contracts
    a. Dog bin emptying
    b. Ground Maintenance Services

    8. Printing Costs
    a. Annual Directory x 800 copies
    b. Quarterly Bulletins x 700 copies

    9. Other
    a. Any other items of expenditure for consideration.

F16/35 To receive quotes for replacement fencing at the Riverside Playground

F16/36 To receive quotes for 3 replacement litter bins at the Riverside Playground

F16/37 To make arrangements for the Annual Village Inspection

F16/38 Reports & Questions

To receive reports and questions from Members in brief, including items for next agenda.