SPC logoCouncil Meeting Agenda

To: All Parish Councillors

You are hereby summoned to attend the Meeting of the Parish Council
on Tuesday 19th July 2016 at 19:00

in Committee Room 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall

Signed: Carol Hodgson
Mrs. Carol Hodgson Clerk to Sedlescombe Parish Council
075 310 654 69 / clerk@sedlescombe.org.uk

~ ~ ~

If present, the following will be invited to speak:

County Councillor Angharad Davies
District Councillor Tony Ganly
Mrs Marian Ham (Head of Sedlescombe Primary School)
Mrs Susan Walton (Chief Executive of Pestalozzi International Village)

C16/62 Apologies

C16/63 Interests in accordance with 2012 Code of Conduct

  1. To receive new written requests for dispensation.
  2. To receive councillors' declarations of interest regarding matters on the agenda.

C16/64 Public participation session re matters on the Agenda at the Chairman's discretion.

C16/65 To approve the minutes of the Council Meeting on 7-Jul-16

C16/66 To receive Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee meeting 7-Jul-16

C16/67 Planning

  1. To consider response to planning applications.

    a. RR/2016/1474/P - Cartref, The Street, Sedlescombe TN33 0QW
    Revised design for units 6 & 7 (original scheme RR/2004/3635/P)

    b. RR/2016/1573/MA - Cartref, The Street, Sedlescombe TN33 0QW
    Revised design proposals for the development of the site originally approved under RR/2004/3635/P

    c. RR/2016/1747/P - 4 Oaklands Park, Sedlescombe TN33 0FB
    Construction of oak garden gazebo.

    d. RR/2016/1539/P The Dairy Sheds, Bowlings Corner, Marley Lane, TN33 0RB
    Development of current agricultural land and building to a new agricultural warehouse, production area and office for use by Battle Wine Estate Ltd (renewal of extant planning permission RR/2013/1112/P.)

    e. RR/2016/1861/P - Fernlea, Churchland Lane, Sedlescombe TN33 0PF
    Single storey rear extension, hall extension and decking.

  2. To receive advice of decisions on previous applications:-

    a. RR/2016/1285/P Four Winds, Balcombe Green, Sedlescombe TN33 0QL
    Rear timber frame veranda lean-to fixed over existing patio.
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL: As per decision notice 06-Jul-16

    b. RR/2016/1263/P The Oaks, Meadow Lane, Sedlescombe TN33 0RF
    Erection of chimney and change of external materials.
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL: As per decision notice 28-Jun-16

    c. RR/2016/1195/P Meadowview Park, Crazy lane, Sedlescombe TN33 0QT
    The siting of 20 additional static caravans to be used by people aged 50 and over for holiday purposes only.
    REFUSED: As per decision notice 22-Jun-16

    d. RR/2016/1009/O Shop Sedlescombe Vineyard, Hawkhurst Road, Sedlescombe TN32 5SA
    'Farm shop' for the sampling and sale of organic wine produced by Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard, for the sale of other locally produced produce.
    WITHDRAWN: As per decision notice 29-Jun-16

    e. RR/2015/2074/P Hiltons Beth, The Street, Sedlescombe TN33 0QB
    Single storey extension to replace sub-standard lean-to structure.
    WITHDRAWN: As per decision notice 27-Jun-16

    f. RR/2015/2075/L Hiltons Beth, The Street, Sedlescombe TN33 0QB
    Single storey extension to replace sub-standard lean-to structure.
    WITHDRAWN: As per decision notice 24-Jun-16

C16/68 Sedlescombe Sports Association

  1. To received an update on the schedule of work for the Pavilion and Sports Field issued by Parish Council.
  2. To consider a request from the SSA to put a sign on the roadside fence.
  3. To receive any other reports.

C16/69 Highway Matters

  1. To receive an appraisal of the results for the '7 day temporary speed surveys' performed by Highways in Sedlescombe during April from the ESCC Transport Monitoring Team.
  2. To consider a request for Parish Council to arrange a temporary speed survey on Crazy Lane and to appeal for a ‘not suitable for heavy vehicles’ sign to be put on the entrance to the lane.

C16/70 Speedwatch

  1. To receive any updates.

C16/71 Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan

  1. To receive an update.

C16/72 To perform a review on Rother DC's offer to devolve Sedlescombe Car Park and Public Conveniences in Brede Lane to Parish Council.

C16/73 River Line

  1. To consider a request from Whatlington Parish Council to jointly fund with the Environmental Agency the clearing of blockages and bank overgrowth on the River Line which causes flooding in both parishes.

C16/74 Finance

  1. To receive the statement of accounts to June 2016 and transactions
  2. To receive the bank reconciliation for May 2016 and June 2016
  3. To approve the following cheques:


    Sedlescombe Village Hall

    July Room Hire



    GRF Planning SNP report - Land north of Gorselands
    SNP report - Land at Street Farm


    rCOH Ltd

    SNP - Professional Fees


C16/74 Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground

  1. To receive the Playground Reports
  2. To discuss the work required to the fencing along the west and north sides of the Playground.

C16/75 Assets of Community Value

  1. To receive an update on applying to Rother DC to register the 'Land in The Street (next to the Playing Field) currently used as a Car Sales site, The Village Store and Post Office and The Queens Head Pub as Assets of Community Value

Reports & Questions

  1. Sedlescombe Jobs Network
  2. Red Barn Field
  3. To receive any other reports and questions from Members in brief, including items for the next agenda.