SPC logoAnnual Meeting Agenda

To: All Parish Councillors

You are hereby summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
on Tuesday 17th May 2016 at 19:00

in COMMITTEE ROOM 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall

Signed: Carol Hodgson
Mrs. Carol Hodgson Clerk to Sedlescombe Parish Council
075 310 654 69 / clerk@sedlescombe.org.uk

~ ~ ~

Annual Business in accordance with Standing Orders(3j). Cllr Vine-Hall in the chair.

C16/10 Election of Chairman for the ensuing year and to receive their declaration of acceptance of Office.

C16/11 Election of Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year.

C16/12 Apologies

C16/13 Public participation session re matters on the agenda at the Chairman's discretion.

C16/14 Members to declare any interests they may have in agenda items that accord with the adopted Code of Conduct. (N.B. this does not preclude any later declarations)

C16/15 To consider requests received in writing from Parish Councillors for dispensation to speak regarding their pecuniary interests. (NB. All previous requests have now expired)

C16/16 Confirmation of the accuracy of the minutes of the Full Council meeting held on 05-Apr-16

C16/17 To review the delegation arrangements to Committees, Sub-Committees, employees and other local authorities
Delegation to Committees as shown in each Terms of Reference. Delegated Authority Policy 25/03/14

C16/18 To consider the current Committees, review the Terms of Reference and Membership.
NB - Membership agreed at the meeting will include the Chairman and Vice-Chairman being ex-officio members of each Committee:

  1. Finance Executive Committee
    a. Terms of reference
    1. To consider the draft annual estimates of income and expenditure as submitted by the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO).
    2. To recommend draft annual estimates and precept amount to the Council not later than January in each year.
    3. To review the Clerk's Salary at budget time. Changes to take effect from the following 1 April.
    4. To monitor quarterly statements of income and expenditure against budgets.
    5. To consider and approve normal expenditure in line with the annual estimates including letting of contracts.
    6. To consider and approve banking arrangements as recommended by the RFO.
    7. To monitor loans and investments.
    8. To receive reports of bad debts.
    9. To review fees and charges at the appropriate time.
    10. To decide the general nature of the work to be undertaken or goods supplied.
    11. To consider and accept quotations and tenders in lines with the estimates.
    12. To review insurances annually.
    13. To review the financial regulations annually.
    b. Membership of this Committee

  2. Neighbourhood Plan Executive Committee.
    a. Terms of reference
    To produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Sedlescombe.
    b. Membership of this Committee

  3. Traffic and Parking Advisory Committee
    a. Terms of reference
    1. To quantify the parking and traffic issues
      1. Within the parish
      2. Specifically in Brede Lane in relation to the School and Doctors' Surgery
      3. In relation to the Sportsfield and adjacent recreational areas
      4. In East View Terrace
      5. In relation to the Village shop
      6. In Chapel Hill
      7. In Cottage Lane (road leading from Sedlescombe to Westfield, especially the increase in heavy traffic)
      8. Around The Street particularly near LWA and Kester House
    2. To seek the view of interested and affected parties regarding parking and traffic problems and suggested solutions.
    3. To discuss with the Highways Department the issues and possible solutions to identify problems.
    4. To quantify the effect on areas of the parish of development over the last ten years. This is increase in traffic and parking.
    5. To look at how the Parish Council can influence Rother District Council to include traffic calming measures in all or some planning developments.
    6. To make recommendations regarding future management of traffic and parking in the Village.
    7. To recommendations to the Parish Council regarding all aspects of parking and traffic in the Parish.
    8. To present an initial outline of the study to the Parish Council at the general meeting in 18/09/12.
    9. To complete the study with recommendations by 08/01/13 (NB it was subsequently agreed that the date should be postponed to 19/03/13 and then 09/07/13.
    b. Membership of this Committee

  4. Any other Executive or Advisory Committee that the Parish Council agrees should be constituted for the coming year.

C16/19 Policy Documents
To the review and adoption of appropriate standing orders, financial regulations and parish council policies already adopted as follows:

  1. Standing Orders, May14
  2. Financial Regulations, Dec14
  3. Parish Council Policies
    1. Biodiversity Strategy, 13/11/07
    2. Casual Vacancies policy, 14/09/10
    3. Child/Young Person Protection Policy, 03/07/09
    4. Climate Change Mitigation and Fuel Poverty Alleviation Strategy, January 2008
    5. Complaints Code, 12/07/12
    6. Crayfishing policy, 11/11/08
    7. Decision Making policy 11/11/08 - FOR REVIEW
    8. Equality and Recruitment Policy, 15/04/14
    9. Health & Safety policy, 16/11/10
    10. Information provided to the Parish Council in connection with complaints against Parish Councillors under the 2012 Code of Conduct (policy amended 17/07/12)
    11. Planning Code of Good Practice, September 2005
    12. Risk Management Policy 20/03/12 - FOR REVIEW
    13. Schedule of Charges for Freedom of Information hard copies 2009
    14. Statement of Community Involvement 13/09/11
    15. Training Strategy 18/09/12
    16. Winter Maintenance Policy December 2013

C16/22 To review the inventory of Land and Assets including Buildings and Office Equipment.

C16/23 To review and confirm the arrangements for insurance cover in respect of all insured risks.

C16/24 To review Council's and Employees Membership of other bodies and to consider payment of any subscription falling to be paid annually.

  1. Sussex and Surrey Association of Local Councils/National Association of Local Councils £401.08
  2. Rother Association of Local Councils £35.00
  3. Society of Local Council Clerks £84.00

C16/25 To review the Council's procedures as follows:

  1. Handling requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Policy 2009
  2. Data Protection Act 1998 Policy 2009

C16/26 To review the Council's policy for dealing with the Press/Media

C16/26 To set the dates, times and place of ordinary meetings of the Full Council and the Finance Committee for the year ahead.

C16/27 To nominate / confirm representatives to outside bodies as follows:

C16/28 To receive reports from the following if present:

C16/29 Planning

  1. To consider response to planning applications:-

    a. RR/2016/1009/O - Shop Sedlescombe Vineyard, Hawkhurst Road, TN32 5SA
    'Farm shop' for the sampling and sale of organic wine produced by Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard, for the sale of other locally produced produce.

    b. RR/2016/1195/P - Meadowview Park, Crazy Lane. TN33 0QT
    The siting of 20 additional static caravans to be used by people aged 50 and over for holiday purposes only.

  2. To receive advice of decisions on previous applications:-

    a. RR/2015/2248/P - Roselands, The Street, Sedlescombe TN33 0QH
    The demolition and redevelopment of Roselands to provide 10 x 1 bed old persons units and 5 x 2 bed and 2 x 3 bed houses with associated parking and refuse and bin stores.
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL: As per decision notice 15-Apr-16

    b. RR/2015/1057/L - Bulmer House Antiques, The Green, Sedlescombe TN33 0QA
    Provision of damp course (retrospective).
    LISTED BC REFUSED: As per decision notice 01-Apr-16

    c. RR/2016/389/T - Ivy House, Brede Lane, Sedlescombe, TN33 0PR
    T1 Oak dead wooding & T2 Oak dead wooding.
    NO OBJECTION: As per decision notice 04-Apr-16

    d. RR/2016/582/P - Battle Barn Farm, New Road, Sedlescombe TN33 0RL
    Extension to existing horse riding area from 20x40m to 40x60m.
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL: As per decision notice 20-Apr-16

    e. RR/2016/545/P - Nova Vida, The Street, Sedlescombe TN33 0QG
    Proposed re-building of attached garage with pitch roof to relocate kitchen, over clad property with weatherboard and erection of detached garage.
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL: As per decision notice 28-Apr-16

    f. RR/2016/717/O - Mill Lodge, Sedlescombe Saw Mills, Hawkhurst Road, Cripps Corner, TN32 5SA
    Certificate of Lawfulness in respect of use of building as a single dwelling house.
    LAWFUL DC APPROVED: As per decision notice 27-Apr-16

    g. RR/2016/627/P - Dell View, Hawkhurst Road, Sedlescombe TN33 0QS
    Construct a self contained granny annex over the 2 existing garages
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL: As per decision notice 04-May-16

    h. RR/2016/646/P - 13 East View Terrace, Sedlescombe TN33 0PY
    To remove existing palisade fence to left hand boundary & to replace with high close boarded fence to meet & match existing close boarded fence
    PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT: As per decision notice 27-Apr-16

    i. RR/2016/810/P - 33 Gorselands, Sedlescombe TN33 0PT
    Proposed front entrance porch, garage conversion and loft conversion with dormer.
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL: As per decision notice 28-Apr-16

    j. RR/2016/920/FN - Church Hill Farm, The Street, Sedlescombe TN33 0QW
    Metal clad general purpose agricultural building.
    FN DETAILS NOT REQ'D: As per decision notice 29-Apr-16

C16/30 Sedlescombe Village Hall Car Park

  1. To review the 25 year lease (17-Nov-00 to 16-Nov-25) between Sedlescombe PC and the two trustees of Sedlescombe Village Hall Charity who are both no longer eligible to serve.
  2. To discuss a request from The Village Hall Management Committee to fund or help to fund a salt/sand bin for use during cold weather. (Parish Council being the owner of the car park)

C16/31 Sedlescombe Sports Association

  1. To receive an update on the progress of the schedule of works issued by PC.
  2. Any other reports.

C16/32 Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan

  1. To receive any updates
  2. To receive new written requests for dispensation.

C16/33 Finance

  1. Final Accounts 2015/16.
    a. To receive the Final accounts for the 2015/16 financial year.
  2. To receive the statement of accounts to April 2016 and transactions.
  3. To receive the bank reconciliation for April 2016.
  4. To approve the following cheques:
    a Broxbourne Plant Ltd Hire of Mini Excavator for RBF
    b Sedlescombe Village Hall April Bookings
    c Fastprint & Design Ltd Printing of Annual Report and Directory
    d Rother District Council Empty Dog Waste Bins x 3 - Annual Chg
    e G Burley & Sons Ltd April Grounds Maintenance
    f Mr. P Anson Annual Parish Assembly refreshments
    g Mrs. P. Glew Annual Parish Assembly refreshments
    h Meyers & Davey Ltd Stock fencing + 1 metal gate at RBF
    i Mr. J. Vine-Hall Chairmans Annual Allowance
    j Mrs Carol Hodgson Data Protection Regn renewal 2016
    Retirement gift Mrs. Ham
    VAT QE 31-Mar-16
    Salary - April 2016
    Salary Sacrifice pmt to PGL


C16/34 Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting 2016

  1. To review the Minutes and consider matters arising from the meeting.
  2. To discuss a letter received in relation to access onto the stage in the Village Hall at the Annual Parish Assembly.

C16/35 Traffic Calming

  1. To receive any updates on the '7 day temporary speed surveys' performed by Highways in Sedlescombe during April.

C16/36 Playing Field Trust

  1. To set a meeting date.
  2. Propose items for discussion on the Agenda.

C16/37 The Village Green
To agree to accept Blackbrooks offer to supply more flower tubs for locating on the corner of The Village Green to help prevent trucks and cars cutting across this area.

C16/38 Reports & Questions
To receive reports and questions from Members in brief, including items for next agenda