SPC logoFinance Committee Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on 10th January 2017
in Committee Room 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall
starting at at 19:00

Chairman: Cllr Pauline Glew
Cllrs. Anson and Chapman
Ex-officio member: Cllr Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council)
Clerk/RFO: Mrs Carol Hodgson

F16/39 Apologies
All Members were present.

F16/40 Interests in items on the Agenda
None received.

F16/41 Written requests for dispensation
No new requests were received.

F16/42 Public Participation
To receive requests from the public for permission to speak on matters on the agenda with the Chairman's approval.
There were no members of the public present.

F16/43 Approval of Minutes for the meeting held on 13-Dec-16
RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the minutes of the Finance meeting held on 13th December 2016

F16/44 Draft Budget for 2017/18

  1. Forecast of income and expenditure to 31-Mar-17 and draft budget.
    Members had received the financial reports prior to the meeting which outlined the actual and forecasted income and expenditure for the current year 2016/17. Members reviewed the draft budget for 2017/18 which included the proposed budget allocations from the Finance Committee Meeting on 13-Dec-16. Rother DC had advised that Council Tax Base for 2017/18 was 665.20 (2016/17 = 653.15) meaning Parish Council could raise the precept by £831.00 with no increase to Council Tax.
    RESOLVED: To recommend to Full Council to increase the precept to £45,885

  2. To consider any further expenditure for inclusion in the 2017/18 budget.
    Areas on the edge of Village Green were being damaged by vehicles mounting the kerbs. Parish Council had previously agreed to place some large flower tubs in these areas to deter motorists mounting the kerbs. Blackbrooks had offered to donate some tubs but had been unable to obtain the stock.
    RESOLVED: To reapproach Blackbrooks to donate 4 'flower' tubs for the Village Green. If not available to authorise the purchase of the tubs from another source and ask Blackbrooks if they would be willing to donate some compost and/or flowers.

F16/45 To make arrangements for the Annual Village Inspection
RESOLVED: Cllr. Glew and The Clerk to arrange a date when the new Councillors were appointed.

F16/46 To approve the following cheques:-

a Sedlescombe Village Hall December Hall Hire
b G Burley & Sons Ltd Grounds Maintenance Dec 16
d PGL Clerk Salary Sacrifice
e Mrs Carol Hodgson Salary - December 2016
Maintenance of Offices - Qtly pmt Telephony and Broadband - Qtly pmt
SLCC Subs (shared w CPC)
33.00 64.38
RESOLVED: The cheques were approved for payment.

F16/47 To discuss 2017/18 charges for private / commercial hire of the MUGA
The current rate for private / commercial hire use of the MUGA / Tennis Courts was £10.00 per hour. There had been no increase since the opening of the MUGA in September 2013.
RESOLVED: To increase the private / commercial hire rate to £12 per hour.

F16/48 Reports & Questions

To receive reports and questions from Members in brief, including items for next agenda.

Cllr. Chapman reported that he had received a quote of £450 for the tree work at Red Barn Field and £2,015 for the replacement fencing at the Riverside Play Area.