DRAFT SPEED LIMIT AND TRAFFIC CALMING POLICY.  The following has been drawn up based on answers given by Sedlescombe Parish Councillors to the 2007 County Council questionnaire:





1. The Parish Council acknowledges that traffic speed and traffic volume are the main concerns of those living in the parish of Sedlescombe.



2. The Parish Council agrees that the following definition of a “village” should be adopted by East Sussex County Council as policy:


20 or more properties served by private accesses which adjoin the main road (on one or both sides of the road), located over a length of not less than 600 metres, and clearly visible to drivers.



3. The Parish Council agrees that most drivers do not respect speed limits but are influenced by the environment they are driving through.


4. The Parish Council strongly agrees that 30mph should be the norm in villages.


5. The Parish Council agrees that priority should be given to ensuring compliance of existing speed limits in villages.


6. The Parish Council agrees with the use of signs with yellow backing boards on all village speed limits.


7. The Parish Council strongly agrees that when there is a mean speed of 32mph or less in villages, the County Council should discuss with the parish council the provision of a 30mph speed limit.



8. The Parish Council generally supports the introduction of traffic calming to reduce vehicle speed but is aware that traffic calming can have negative affects.


9. The Parish Council agrees that the priority list for traffic calming should include both urban and rural sites but that it should be weighted to ensure that sites having a higher number of accidents are treated first.


10. The Parish Council agrees that, when prioritizing traffic schemes, the following factors should be considered:  Number of crashes, Availability of footways, Pedestrian activity, Cycling activity, Equestrian activity, Public rights of way, Vehicle speed, Severance.


11. The Parish Council agrees that when there is a mean speed of  greater than 32mph but less than 35mph in villages, minor remedial engineering works including VAS where appropriate, should be considered.


12. The Parish Council agrees that when there is a mean speed of 35mph or greater in villages, the traffic calming priority list should be referred to.