1 TRUST DEED. By a Trust Deed dated 26 August 1971, Sedlescombe Parish Council is the sole Trustee of Sedlescombe Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust, Charity Number 305305.

2 MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT. Since 23/01/12, there has been a Management Agreement between the Parish Council and the Trust whereby the Parish Council will undertake the "entire care, management and control of the Playing Field and maintenance of the Playing Field as the Trust has limited funds".

3 REVIEW OF 2012-13.

Lottery Application. At the beginning of the Financial Year, the result of the £41,214 SportEngland lottery application by the Trust was awaited. The full project was estimated at £53,946 for a MUGA, outdoor gym equipment and a mini-kickers' pitch including additional fencing. In July 2012, the Trust was informed that the application had been unsuccessful although SportEngland had invited the Charity to resubmit the project for Round 3 with more documentary evidence of support for the project from local people. In July 2012, the Trust agreed to ask the Parish Council to take over the project to provide the first stage of the MUGA at the Playing Field.

The Parish Council agreed to take over the MUGA Project and obtained 50% funding (£13,500) for replacement of the fencing and surface from Rother Community Fund. By February 2013, the Trust was informed that the fence work was complete and that the surface work will be undertaken in 2013 as soon as the ground conditions are suitable. One new net will be installed.

£1500 donated from the Mrs A Lacy-Tate Trust for the MUGA was handed over to the Parish Council in February 2013.

Mini-Kickers' Pitch. A Plan was drawn by Pumphouse Designs to show how a mini-kickers' pitch would fit on to the land between the courts and the road. A quote had been received for drainage of the proposed football pitch. The contractor believed that the position of services under the land would not be a problem as the drainage work will be much nearer the surface than the pipes. No further action has been taken regarding provision of the mini-kickers' pitch because of lack of funds following failure of the SportEngland application. If the pitch is ever provided, the owner of the driveway wants a fence to be installed to stop children running on to the driveway.

Parking. Requests were received for some parking spaces between the proposed mini-kickers' pitch and the Powdermills driveway. The idea was seriously considered but, after the Chairman and the Clerk met with the owner of the driveway, it was agreed that it would be very difficult to restrict use of the parking places to playing field users only and therefore no further action has been taken.

Driveway. The Parish Council is responsible for contributing towards keeping the driveway in good order. Some potholes are beginning to appear.

Income from hire. Because of poor weather, the amount received by the Trust from hire of the courts was only £60.

Use of courts. Free use of the courts continued throughout the year for tennis, football and dog training. Although the use for football and dog training was not popular with everyone, it was agreed that the space should be used for the benefit of as many people as possible.

Insurance. The cost of insuring the Trust property was £174.

End of year funds. At the end of 2012-13, funds in Barclays Bank stood at £109.44 which is insufficient to cover the cost of insurance in 2013-14.

Change of signatories. Signatories were changed to Jonathan Vine-Hall, Pauline Glew and Rod Eldridge.

Maintenance by the Parish Council. The Parish Council is planning work to improve the play equipment where the ropes are touching the ground. Work undertaken by the Council during the year included fortnightly litter collection, mowing, sweeping of the tennis court, giant hogweed treatment, hedge cutting and seat repair.

Moles. Complaints have been made to the Parish Council that the ground is very uneven at the playground because of mole activity.

10 April 2013