1 By a Trust Deed dated 26 August 1971, Sedlescombe Parish Council is the sole Trustee of Sedlescombe Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust, Charity Number 305305.

2 In the absence of any Charity funds, the Parish Council has been maintaining the area in its statutory capacity under the terms of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 section 19.

3 Review of 2008/9

3.1 In 2008/09, the Trust opened a Barclays Bank community account into which the Parish Council has made a donation to cover the cost of the maintenance of the land. In turn, the Parish Council has issued invoices to the Trust to reimburse expenditure. The Trust's account ended the year with £132.

3.2 Work undertaken by the Council included fortnightly litter collection, mowing, bees' nest destruction, riverside fence and tennis courts fence repair, tennis court sweep, seat repair, playground inspections, giant hogweed treatment, hedge cutting, lifting of ropes and washing of playground equipment

3.3 Free use of the tennis courts by the public has continued during 2008/9. A neighbour complained about some anti-social behaviour, particularly involving cars, balls and music, associated with the use of the courts. Youngsters were noted riding bicycles in the courts and swinging on the centre nets.

Free use of the courts by the senior Netball Club
has been successful in 2008/09. The Club undertook to paint the necessary lines on the courts at its own expense.

3.4 Third year giant hogweed treatment completed. This completed the initial 3-year treatment plan.

Languard reported as follows:

25/06/08: Banks behind the children's play areas were clear of giant hogweed plants but there were four plants growing along the banks by the sportsfield and about twenty plants in the "horses" field on the north bank west of the bridge. A significant reduction in the number of plants found in comparison to the previous year was reported.

02/10/08: Small giant hogweed plants on the horses field treated.

4 2009/10 Proposed Work
4.1 Payments by the Netball Clubs. The Secretary has confirmed that a payment of £60/calendar month between May and September for the use of one court on two evenings each week will be acceptable. A reduced fee of £30 will be paid to the Trust for April because use did not commence until halfway through the month. Payment only to be made if the weather is suitable for playing. Money to be deposited in the Trust account and used towards paying the Council's invoices for maintaining the Trust land.

4.2 Giant hogweed treatment. Work has been approved by the Parish Council for the fourth year in order to protect users of the playground and of the sportsfield.

  Signed P Raymond (Secretary of the Sedlescombe Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust)
6 May 2009