1 By a Trust Deed dated 26 August 1971, Sedlescombe Parish Council is the sole Trustee of Sedlescombe Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust, Charity Number 305305.

2 In the absence of any Charity funds, the Parish Council has been maintaining the area in its statutory capacity under the terms of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 section 19.

3 Review of 2010/11
3.1 During 2010/11, the Trust has issued invoices to the Parish Council for £1500 grant aid. In turn, the Parish Council has issued invoices to the Trust to reimburse expenditure of £1614.63. £165 was received by the Trust from the Junior and Senior Netball Clubs for use of a court once a week during the summer of 2010.


Work undertaken by the Council included fortnightly litter collection, litter bin re-installation, mowing, riverside fence repair, tennis court sweep, playground inspections, giant hogweed treatment, hedge cutting, seat repair and washing of playground equipment.

As recommended in the last Annual Report, the charity now has its own Insurance Policy with Allianz (CharityAssured Choice). The cost in 2010 was £172.50.

The Trust ended the year with £69.44 in its current account with Barclays Bank.

3.3 Free use of the tennis courts by the public has continued during 2010/11 without any reported problems. A member of the public has asked for the tennis court lines to be repainted and has assured the Secretary that the courts are used very regularly by people who work in the Bridge Garage and at Pumphouse Designs. The courts are used for informal football play from time to time and dog owners have been seen exercising their pets on the courts.

3.4 Fifth year giant hogweed monitoring/treatment completed and sixth year approved for 2011/12.

3.5 The area near to the seat at the eastern perimeter of the tennis courts has been flooded on several occasions during the 2010/11 winter.

4 2011/12

The Council will consider replacement of the wooden fencing in the playground area with metal fencing.



Signed P Raymond (Secretary of the Sedlescombe Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust)

10 April 2011