1 By a Trust Deed dated 26 August 1971, Sedlescombe Parish Council is the sole Trustee of Sedlescombe Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust, Charity Number 305305.


Throughout the year, in the absence of any Charity funds, the Parish Council continued to maintain the area in its statutory capacity pursuant to s9(b) of the Open Spaces Act 1906.

On 23/01/12, a Management Agreement was signed by the Parish Council and the Trust by which the Parish Council will undertake the "entire care, management and control of the Playing Field and the maintenance of the Playing Field as the Trustee has limited funds".

3 Review of 2011/12


During 2011/12, the Trust has issued invoices to the Parish Council for £2,960 grant aid. In turn, the Parish Council has issued invoices to the Trust to reimburse expenditure of £2,722. £140 was received by the Trust from the Sedlescombe Netball Club for use of a court once a week during the summer of 2011.

Work undertaken by the Council included fortnightly litter collection, mowing, riverside fence repair, tennis court sweep, playground inspections, giant hogweed treatment and hedge cutting. The riverside fence was removed and replaced with one matching parts of the perimeter fence by the Parish Council.

3.2 £1,500 was received from the Mrs A Lacy-Tate (see 3.7 below).

3.3 A £50 prize was given to Gordon Crouch whose name was picked out in connection with a Village-wide tennis courts survey. The survey came out generally in favour of upgrading the tennis courts for use for tennis, netball and football (in that order). Residents also voted in favour of raising a loan to pay for the upgrade if necessary.


The Trust ended the year with £1,723.44 in its current account with Barclays Bank, £1,500 of which is for the MUGA (see 3.7 below).

3.5 Free use of the tennis courts by the public has continued during 2011/12 without any reported problems.

3.6 Sixth year giant hogweed monitoring/treatment completed and seventh year approved for 2012/13.


The Trust agreed to undertake a project entitled "Sport Improvement and Encouragement" to include not only an upgrade of the tennis courts to a multi-use games area but also drainage, levelling and provision of a mini-kickers new football pitch and installation of several pieces of outdoor gym equipment.

£1,500 was received from the Mrs A Lacy-Tate Trust towards the Sport Improvement and Development Initiative. An offer of £1,000 was made by a local resident to towards the project. An application for grant aid from the Inspired Facilities section of the Lottery of £41,214 was made on 30/03/12 with a total project cost of £53,946. The result will be announced at the beginning of July 2012. An application has been made for £2,000 from the Sussex County Playing Fields Association. A £5,000 grant was promised from the Rother District Council Community Fund.

4 2012/13


The main project for the Trust will be the Sport Improvement and Encouragement Initiative (see 3.7 above). This will involve discussions with the Football Club and with near neighbours. VAT will not be reclaimable as the Trust is not registered for VAT. A Sports Development Plan has been drawn up to include self financing training sessions at the MUGA in order to increase usage of the area for sport and recreation. VAT will not need to be charged on lettings because the Trust is not registered for VAT.

If the main part of the funding from the Lottery is not forthcoming, the project will need to be re-assessed. However, it is expected that the new football pitch will still be provided and that the surface of the courts will be renewed.

4.2 Three pieces of playground equipment are now virtually unusable because the bottom ropes are on the ground. Hopefully, it will not be necessary to remove this equipment and to look for funding for replacement items as the three pieces are part of a trail. The equipment was installed by RSS in 2006. The Company was soon afterwards taken over by Record Playground Equipment and the Company renamed Record RSS. Recently this Company has been taken over by SMP Playgrounds. A representative from SMP Playgrounds has inspected the equipment and suggests removal and resetting in additional concrete possibly at the same time as the MUGA work is being undertaken. She believes the equipment is in too good a condition for it to be removed altogether.

4.3 It was agreed to remove the small litter bin along the driveway because it had been regularly used for depositing dog waste even though it is close to a dog bin. It has been resited within the playground area.

4.4 Litter collection will take place every week from April 2012.
4.5 Used alcohol bottles are being left at the playground and the PCSO Demi Georghiou is to monitor the situation.
4.6 The cost of hiring the courts for netball was raised to £5/hour by the Trust on 27/03/12.
4.7 One of the two tennis nets has been broken and removed by the Secretary of the Trust. Trust to consider purchase of a replacement net.

Signed P Raymond (Secretary of the Sedlescombe Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust)

30 April 2012