Minutes of the Meeting of the Sedlescombe Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust held on Tuesday 10/07/12

CHAIR: Jenny Mitchell
SECRETARY: Pauline Raymond
MEMBERS: R Chapman, R Eldridge, J Heap, J Reynolds, P Glew, J Vine-Hall

10 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. None, all present.

11 MINUTES. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Trust held on 14/05/12 are signed as a correct record.


  1. Lottery Application. It was noted that the Charity's application to the Second Round SportEngland Inspired Places Grant Scheme had been unsuccessful but that SportEngland had invited the Charity to resubmit the project (with or without alterations) for Round 3 with more documentary evidence of support for the project from local people. Round 3 closes on 17/09/12 with the result being known around Christmas 2012.

  2. Plan. A plan of the Playing Field had been produced by Pumphouse Designs and copies were provided for councillors. Mr Chapman commented that the pitch had been sited rather close to the trees.

  3. Football Club. It was noted that the Football Club is willing to wait for the mini-kickers football pitch to allow time for funding to be sought again from the Lottery or elsewhere.

  4. Drainage. Members noted the quote that had been received for drainage of the proposed football pitch area and that the contractor believed that the position of services under the land would not be a problem as the drainage work will be much nearer the surface than the pipes.

  5. Safety & Parking Issues. Mr Vine-Hall reported on the proposal to include a turning space and several parking places (eight altogether) adjacent to the Powdermills driveway in the project. It was noted that planning permission would be required.

  6. Meeting with neighbour. Mr Vine-Hall reported on matters arising from a meeting between Mr Vine-Hall, the Clerk and Martin Hall of Powdermills on 06/07/12. Mr Hall is not in favour of the inclusion of parking in the Scheme. Cars using his driveway have been a nuisance and he had written to the Trust proposing installation of an electronic gate across the driveway attached to the brick wall. Mr Hall had also asked for a fence to stop children running from the proposed football pitch into the path of cars using his driveway which had been agreed and included in the Lottery application. The driveway was covered in tarmac in 1999 and some potholes are starting to occur.

    Trust members considered the outcome from the meeting with the owner of the driveway. Deeds of the Trust land allow public vehicular access along the driveway to the Playing Field which it was agreed the Trust must retain and, therefore, the gate is not acceptable. It was noted that, if parking was included on the site, it would probably be impossible to restrict it to Playing Field users and that, inevitably, vehicular access of the driveway would increase. The trust is responsible for 50% of the cost of maintenance, but not improvement, of the driveway.

  7. Re-appraisal of the Project. Members considered whether the following should remain in the Sport Improvement and Encouragement and Encouragement Initiative.
    1. Mini-kickers football pitch. Provision of a football pitch for the youngest children to be put on hold pending resolution of funding issues.
    2. Fence to shield the driveway from footballs. Fence to be considered if the pitch is given the go-ahead in the future.
    3. Turning/parking places. Although the Trust would very much like to see parking provided for Playing Field users as proposed, no action to be taken for the time being.
    4. MUGA at tennis courts. Funding problems mean that fencing the MUGA will have to be delayed but the remainder of the project could continue.
    5. Outdoor gym equipment. Provision of outdoor gym equipment (or other playground equipment) should be considered for next year possibly with a funding application to Biffaward.

  8. Funding for the project or parts of it including whether to re-submit the SportEngland application. The Secretary had provided estimates of the cost of various options. Because of the need to get on with the work on the MUGA if possible this summer, re-submission of the SportEngland application would not take place. Exclusion of the sports fencing would bring the cost down to about £19,200 including VAT.

13 Possible Parish Council involvement with funding. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council should be requested to take over the project to provide the first stage of the MUGA (ie to exclude the sports fencing) at the Playing Field.

14 RESOLVED: That Jonathan Vine-Hall, Pauline Glew and Rod Eldridge should be signatories to the Playing Field Trust Account with Barclays Bank.