Agenda - Sedlescombe Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust

MEETING ON TUESDAY 28 MAY 2013, FOLLOWING ON FROM THE PLANNING COMMITTEE MEETING (that meeting commences at 19:00 and therefore it is expected this meeting will start at about 19:30)

MEMBERS. All Sedlescombe parish councillors

1. To appoint the Chairman of the Trust for the ensuing year.

2. To appoint the Secretary of the Trust for the ensuing year.

3. Apologies.

4. Approval of Minutes, 18/02/13.

5. To authorise the Secretary to send an invoice to the Parish Council requesting a grant of £75 towards payment of the 2013-14 annual insurance (£109.44 in hand at the end of 2012-13 - no income expected in the near future).

6. To authorise the Secretary to renew the annual insurance with AON - £174.86 - on receipt of the funds from the Parish Council.

7. To receive the 2012-13 Annual Report.

Pauline J Raymond
Secretary, Sedlescombe Playing Field & Recreation Group Trust
Woodland Cottage, Chapel Hill, Sedlescombe
01424 870508