Sedlescombe Public Playing Field &
Recreation Ground Trust

Meeting on Tuesday 8th September 2015
Committee Room 2 of the Village Hall at 20:40

Cllr. Vine-Hall (Chairman of Parish Council - opening the meeting)
Cllrs. Anson, Brister, Chapman, Glew, Page and Parsons
Secretary: Mrs Carol Hodgson.

19. To appoint a Chairman
Cllr. Lawrence had resigned from Parish Council and stepped down as Chair of the Trust in January 2015. Cllr. Vine-Hall proposed Cllr. John Page as Chairman. Cllr. Glew seconded. All members agreed.
RESOLVED: Cllr. John page is appointed as Chair with immediate effect.

Cllr. Page took the chair.

20. Apologies for absence.
Received from Cllrs. Fraser and Veitch.

21. Approval of Minutes for the meeting held on 30-Sep-14
RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Minutes of the meeting held on 30th September 2014.

22. Finance.

  1. Statement of accounts for 31-Aug-15
    Received and noted.
  2. Bank reconciliation for 06-Jul-15
    Received and noted.
  3. To amend the Bank Signatories
    RESOLVED: To appoint Cllrs. Anson, Chapman, Glew, Vine-Hall and Page as bank signatories.

23. To discuss the 'Former Car Sales Site' located in The Street.
The Car Sales site along The Street next to Bridge Garage Antiques had now been let to Tim and Helen Marchant. The site would continue to be used for selling cars.

24. To discuss any proposed plans for the Playing Field and Recreation Ground.
Cllr. Vine-Hall advised that Parish Council had set aside funding to create hardstanding for car parking. There had been some discussions in the past with the Sports Association who had ideas they wished to put forward. Cllr. Page agreed to contact Ashley Davey to open up talks again and receive some feedback.

25. Update on work referred to the Parish Council

  1. Replacement of fence bordering the river with one similar to that at the playground.
    The work was scheduled to start on Monday 7th September 2015.
  2. Type of gate to discourage people from riding bikes and scooters on to the MUGA.
    Reports had been received that bicyles were still being ridden around the MUGA recreating black marks on the surface. Members suggested installing a 'Kissing' type gate to restrict bikes being taken into the MUGA.
    RESOLVED: Cllr. Chapman and the Secretary would make further enquiries.
  3. Self-closing gate hinges (the ones purchased in 2013 do not work)
    RESOLVED: Cllr. Chapman and the Secretary would make further enquiries.

26. Any other Information for noting
The Chairman asked for a further meeting to be scheduled shortly.