To all Trustees

A Meeting of the Sedlescombe Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust is to be held on Tuesday 16 November 2010 in Committee Room 2 of the Sedlescombe Village Hall following directly after the Parish Council Meeting

Members: Mrs V Wright (Chairman), Mrs P Raymond (Secretary)
Trustees: Mrs P Glew, Mr J Marland, Mr P Martin, Mrs J Mitchell, Mr A Rand, Mr J Vine-Hall

TR10/11.9 To receive apologies for absence.
TR10/11.10 To authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Trust held on 11/05/10.
TR10/11.11 Matters arising from the Minutes

11.1 Insurances.
TR10/11.12 To note that the following unauthorised events on Trust land:  

12.1 Gate previously on Budget Car Company land deposited and left on Trust land behind hedge. To consider what action to take.
12.2 "A" board belonging to Bridge Garage Antiques removed from that property overnight and left on the tennis courts. Subsequently removed by Bridge Garage Antiques.
TR10/11.13 To note the use of the tennis courts by the Sedlescombe Netball Club.
TR10/11.14 To consider a complaint about other uses of the tennis courts.
TR10/11.15 To consider a complaint about parking on land in front of the tennis courts.
TR10/11.16 To authorise payment of £350 to the Parish Council for maintaining the land this financial year to date.
TR10/11.17 To note that an invoice of £500 has been submitted to the Parish Council to top up Trust funds.


P J Raymond
Playing Field Trust
8 November 2010