PRESENT: Jenny Mitchell (elected Chairman); Pauline Glew, Pat Martin, Anthony Rand, John Reynolds, Jonathan Vine-Hall, Valerie Wright, Pauline Raymond (elected Secretary)

T11/12.1 Election of Chairman. RESOLVED: That Jenny Mitchell is Chairman of the Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground Trust for the ensuing year.
T11/12.2 Election of Secretary. RESOLVED: That Pauline Raymond is Secretary of the Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground Trust for the ensuing year.
T11/12.3 Apologies for absence. None received.
T11/12.4 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Trust held on 16/11/10 are signed as a correct record.
T11/12.5 Annual Report. RESOLVED: That the 2010-11 Annual Report is approved.
T11/12.6 Bank Reconciliation at end March 2011. RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliation at end March 2011 is received.
T11/12.7 Risk Management. RESOLVED: That the Risk Management Report is approved.
T11/12.8 RESOLVED:
  1. That Sedlescombe Parish Council is asked to undertake general maintenance of the Trust property for 2011/12
  2. That the Trust will reimburse the Council for the money it spends on maintenance work.
  3. That the Trust will seek funding from the Council to cover costs over and above its income.
T11/12.9 Insurances. RESOLVED: That the insurances with AON due on 14/06/11 are renewed at the cost of £174.
T11/12.10 Tennis courts

  1. Surface. The Secretary reported that the courts were last resurfaced in 2000 at the cost of £8,000. For the last two years they have been partially treated with moss killer and swept annually. The Netball Club has complained that the courts are slippery because of loose stones. On 28/04/11, the Secretary met "Court Solutions" but they were not willing to provide a quote for temporary maintenance because they could not guarantee it longer than a year and, costing up to £8,000, would not be cost-effective. The use of the "wrong type of shoes" may have contributed to the surface's deterioration.
  2. Fencing. The fencing was also replaced in 2000 and is in a reasonable condition with some minor repairs needed.
  3. Nets. In poor condition.
  4. Lines. In March, tennis players asked for the lines to be repainted. Netball players do not object. The Secretary had made various enquiries regarding painting the lines but these were not considered at the meeting because of possible future uses of the courts.
  5. Current uses
    1. Tennis - informal free use.
    2. Netball - weekly use by Sedlescombe Netball Clubs for practice sessions.
    3. One-off netball - RESOLVED: That the Trust approves the Netball Club's request to hold a mixed fund-raising Netball match on 4 June 2011, thus closing the courts to the public for the afternoon, and accepts the £20 which has been offered by the Club.
    4. Football - informal free use.
    5. Dog training - informal free use.
  6. Future of the courts. The Sports Association may be interested in using the courts for football training if a multi-use surface could be provided. It was noted that Sedlescombe School already has a MUGA which is available for hire but, at £30/hour, is considered too expensive by the Sports Association. The Sports Association would like floodlighting to be considered. The Trust agreed to start investigating the logistics, funding etc. of a multi-use games area at the tennis courts and, possibly, a separate additional football area as it may be a problem to find a surface which is suitable for playing all types of sports. A MUGA proposed for Battle Town Council in 2010 was expected to cost about £40,000, of which Rother DC had agreed to provide £20,000.
    In Hastings, MUGAs are available for free play when not booked out. RESOLVED: That the Trust undertakes a consultation exercise starting in July 2011 to ascertain current uses of the courts and possible future uses.
T11/12.11 Playground

  1. Equipment. It was noted that the bottom rope on the piece of equipment known as "Niagara Falls" had become detached from its mountings and can, therefore, not be used at present. The Trust considered what should be done and RESOLVED: To arrange for the removal of the Niagara Falls equipment from the playground.
  2. Inspections. As well as councillors' weekly inspections, a professional ROSPA inspection is due next month.
  3. Surface. The surface remains bumpy, partially due to mole activity.
  4. Fencing. RESOLVED: That quotes are obtained for replacement of the playground fencing bordering the river to match the other timber post and rail fencing at the playground (ie with galvanised, plastic coated weld mesh infill).
  5. Gates. Jonathan Vine-Hall was thanked for replacing the spring on one gate and repairing the other.
  6. Giant hogweed. Being monitored by Languard Limited at the request of the Parish Council.
  7. Litter collection. Fortnightly collection being undertaken by Roger Wood at the request of the Parish Council.
  8. Mowing. Up to 20 times per season (mowing and strimming around all play equipment, trees, furniture and removing arisings in play area) at £20/cut at the request of the Parish Council.
T11/12.12 Grass Area

  1. Maintenance. None other than mowing.
  2. Mowing. Up to 16 times per season at £30/cut at request of the Parish Council.
  3. Uses
    1. Parking. The idea of allowing Sportsfield users to park by the tennis courts was not supported because of the incidents of flooding during the winter.
    2. Football. The Trust is happy for the Sports Association to use the land by the tennis courts for football.
T11/12.13 Invoice. The Trust noted that an invoice for £300 had been sent to the Parish Council for general maintenance and funds had been received.
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