TUESDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 2011, 20:32 TO 20:50


PRESENT: Jenny Mitchell (Chairman); Pauline Glew, Pat Martin, John Reynolds, Roy Chapman, Julian Heap, Jonathan Vine-Hall, Valerie Wright, Pauline Raymond (Secretary)


T11/12.11 Apology for absence was received from Anthony Rand.

T11/12.12 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Trust held on 24/05/11 are signed as a correct record.
T11/12.13 Bank Reconciliation. RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliation at the end of August 2011 is received.

The balance stands at £255.44.
T11/12.14 Registration of the trust land with the Land Registry. RESOLVED: That application be made to the Land Registry to register the land on behalf of the Charity. Registration of rights of way over this land with East Sussex County Council in accordance with the Highways Act 1980 s31(6) was suggested.
T11/12.15 Management Agreement. According to Hedleys, the Agreement could provide that income goes to the Council in return for undertaking obligations. RESOLVED: That Hedleys (Solicitors) be engaged to draft a Management Agreement allowing Sedlescombe Parish Council to carry out all functions on behalf of the Charity. The Secretary had been informed that the legal cost of drawing up the agreement is estimated by Hedleys to be in the region of £450. A claim will have to be made on the Parish Council.
T11/12.16 Tennis Courts. Please see T11/12.10. The Parish Council has agreed to consider carrying out a parish-wide survey to ascertain residents' wishes regarding capital expenditure which is supported by the Council Tax. No action will, therefore, be taken regarding the tennis courts for the time being.

Several letters regarding the importance of the tennis courts have been sent to the Council following publication in the Bulletin of an article about them.

A user of the courts has requested that footballers are stopped using the courts. It was acknowledged that footballers could be damaging the surface and the fencing but, previously, when the gate was kept locked, youngsters used to climb over the chainlink surrounding fence to gain access to the courts to play football. This, in itself, caused damage to the fencing.

A request has been made for the net(s) to be repaired. It was considered that the regular taking down and putting back of the nets by the Netball Club could have contributed to the nets' deterioration. However, it was decided that no action would be taken for the time being and that any complainants should be advised that they could use the courts at the Golf Club.

Ralph Dellow had written asking whether the Youth Group could be granted permission to use the courts on a regular basis for ball games which would be organised by youth workers. He was interested in the closing time (20:00) because residents close to the East View Kickabout Area where the Youth Group had been playing had told them they could not continue after 20:00. A reply is awaited to the Secretary's questions regarding the day, time and whether the Group is willing to pay for the use.

Staplecross Primary School had telephoned to ask if a group of about twelve children could use the netball court for the next six Thursdays from 15:40 to 16:40. RESOLVED: That the Trust approves the use of the courts by Staplecross Primary School for an hour a week for six weeks for £5/week. However, the School will have to make arrangements with the Netball Club to use the goalposts, will have to take down and put up the tennis nets and will have to re-assure themselves that the surface is safe for playing on.

T11/12.17 Playground. Maintenance work is being undertaken by the Parish Council.
T11/12.18 Grass Area. Nothing to report.
T11/12.19 Access. Maintenance of the access drive is shared with the owners of Millstones Cottage.


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