TUESDAY 3 JANUARY 2012, 1840 TO 1912


PRESENT: Jenny Mitchell (Chairman); Pauline Glew, Pat Martin, John Reynolds, Roy Chapman, Julian Heap, Rod Eldridge, Jonathan Vine-Hall, Valerie Wright, Pauline Raymond (Secretary). 1 member of the public


T11/12.20 Apologies for absence. None, all present.

T11/12.21 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Trust held on 13/09/11 are signed as a correct record.
T11/12.22 Finance

  1. Bank Reconciliation. RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliation at the end of December 2012 is received.

    The balance stands at £435.44.
  2. Invoice. Submission of an invoice was approved for £160 to Sedlescombe Parish Council in order that Hedley's Bill can be settled for drawing up the Memorandum of Agreement and the prizewinning cheque paid.
T11/12.23 Registration of the trust land with the Land Registry and Registration of rights of way over this land with East Sussex County Council in accordance with the Highways Act 1980 s(6). Noted that this is still to be done.
T11/12.24 Tennis Courts.

  1. Winner of draw. A completed tennis survey form was drawn at random from those that had given their names on survey forms. A cheque for £50 was subsequently written for Mr G Crouch of Old Bakery Cottage, The Street, Sedlescombe.

  2. Tennis courts parish wide survey. Cllr Heap said that two people who currently play tennis had told him they had not received a survey form. However, the Trust was not aware that any Sedlescombe properties had been missed.

    The Secretary had summarised the results and her report was available. Members expressed their dissatisfaction at the poor response rate of just under 20%. However, the majority of those that did reply supported upgrading the tennis courts and two thirds of these would support raising a 10-year loan in order to pay for the work rather than pay for it all in one year. Tennis remained the most popular sport to be played there, followed by netball and then football. Basketball; Boules; Bowls; Crazy golf; Cricket nets; Croquet; Short tennis and Skateboarding were also suggested.

    Members commented that the tennis courts are not well signposted, some thought they are not well situated and some thought the lack of parking could deter use. The cost of providing parking along with access along Powdermills driveway was a derrent to provision of a parking area. Although some respondents to the survey had been concerned that outsiders are using the area whilst not paying for its maintenance, it was suggested that other local businesses could benefit from these sportspeople coming into the Village.

    Sedlescombe Netball Club's Chairman had written to say that the Club would like to continue to meet at Sedlescombe and offer netball to local ladies. Currently there are about 35 members with three teams in the local Eastbourne friendly league. Netball gives young girls and women an opportunity for sport that they wouldn't have otherwise. The Club would not support the surface being astroturf entirely because this is not a safe surface for netball. The best option would be for netball, tennis and football to be catered for with creative use of the space and careful consideration of the surfacing. They would like to be involved with discussions.

    The Secretary's Report contained ten options ranging from removing all the courts and relaying turf to providing a multi-use games area.

  3. Funding. At least some of the funding for this work is likely to have to come from Sedlescombe Parish Council and, therefore, it was AGREED: That the Parish Council should be asked to allow for the cost of undertaking the following work in its 2012/13 Budget and Precept: Provision of a multi-use games area at the tennis courts with new fencing but including a dividing fence down the centre so that a football kickabout area and tennis/netball use can be separated. Cllr Chapman raised a question about whether the football area would be large enough. The question of whether rebound boards should be provided will also need to be considered.

  4. Charging for use of the courts. Several people who completed the survey forms suggested that a charge should be made for use of the area. However,VAT questions arise and have been sent to SALC's Accountant, Mark Mulberry for his opinion.
T11/12.25 Draft Memorandum of Agreement. Roger Taylor of Hedley's Solicitors had drawn up a draft Memorandum of Agreement to pass maintenance of the Trust land to the Parish Council because of the Trust's limited funds. The Trust was in favour of this but VAT questions arise from some of the provisions in the draft agreement and these also have been sent to SALC's Accountant, Mark Mulberry for his opinion. However, it was AGREED: That Sedlescombe Parish Council should be requested to undertake the entire care, management and control of the Playing Field and the maintenance of the Playing Field with the detailed provisions being agreed at a later date.

Once the VAT questions have been answered, further consideration will need to be given to who should undertake the proposed capital work, ie Sedlescombe Parish Council or the Trust, and whether charges should be made for future use.



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