TRUST PURPOSES: Charity Commission Scheme, Charity Number 305305

To use 1.8 acres of land beside the river which make up the Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground for the provision and maintenance of a recreation ground or playing field for the benefit of the inhabitants of Sedlescombe and the neighbourhood without distinction of sex or of political, religious or other opinions. The Council may provide, or assist in the provision of, on the trust property, such facilities for physical exercise and training, lectures, classes and other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation having the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants as the Council shall from time to time think fit. In addition, the Council can allow the land to be used for other purposes as long as the use does not substantially interfere with its recreational use. Under certain circumstances, the Council may be able to sell the land.


ON TUESDAY 10 JANUARY 2012 20:45 to 2055

Chairman: Jenny Mitchell. Secretary: Pauline Raymond

Members: R Chapman, R Eldridge, P Glew, J Heap, P Martin, J Vine-Hall, V Wright

T11/12.26 Apologies for absence. J Reynolds
T11/12.27 RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Trust held on 03/01/12 are signed as a correct record.
T11/12.28 Tennis Courts

  1. Memorandum of Agreement with Sedlescombe Parish Council.

    That the Trust approves the draft Memorandum of Agreement with the Parish Council as drafted apart from para 2.6 which should be amended to read "All expenses incurred by the Council in the care, management and control of the Field will be paid by the Council" with the remainder of the sentence as drafted by the Solicitor deleted.
    This will result in the Trust retaining income from any letting of the courts.

  2. Multi-Use Games Area. It was noted that, while the Parish Council supports the Charity's proposal to upgrade the tennis courts to a multi-use games area for low to medium use of tennis, netball and football and that the Council will, if required, obtain a loan to cover the Charity's shortfall in funding of this project,the Council suggests that the Trust should undertake the MUGA project itself. The Council had stated that the cost of the upgrade should be kept to a reasonable level and, if possible, existing materials such as fence posts, reused.

    AGREED "That the Trust agrees to undertake the upgrade of the tennis courts as proposed, notes that the Council will obtain a loan to meet any shortfall in funding and approves application for grant aid".

  3. Specification for the work. A specification will be drawn up based on recommendations.

  4. Authorisation. AGREED: That Mrs Raymond is authorised to:
    1. Continue to obtain quotations for the work
    2. Apply to Rother District Council for a £10,000 Community Grant by the end of this month.
    3. To arrange a meeting of interested parties.
    4. Set up a MUGA fund under the name of the Sedlescombe Playing Field and Recreation Ground.
    5. Ask local sports clubs to raise some funds for the MUGA fund.
    6. Seek other funding from individuals or local charities.
    7. Prepare to submit an application for funds from SportEngland Inspired Facilities Fund by the end of March 2012.

  5. Charging for future uses of the courts. Although it is expected that the courts will be free for general public use, clubs and other groups wishing to book the MUGA would be expected to pay. The use by people giving lessons on a commercial basis will also need to be paid for.

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