TRUST PURPOSES: Charity Commission Scheme, Charity Number 305305

To use 1.8 acres of land beside the river which make up the Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground for the provision and maintenance of a recreation ground or playing field for the benefit of the inhabitants of Sedlescombe and the neighbourhood without distinction of sex or of political, religious or other opinions. The Council may provide, or assist in the provision of, on the trust property, such facilities for physical exercise and training, lectures, classes and other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation having the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants as the Council shall from time to time think fit. In addition, the Council can allow the land to be used for other purposes as long as the use does not substantially interfere with its recreational use. Under certain circumstances, the Council may be able to sell the land.


ON TUESDAY 27 MARCH 2012 18:30 to 1910

Chairman: Jenny Mitchell. Secretary: Pauline Raymond

Members: R Chapman, R Eldridge, P Glew, J Heap, P Martin, J Vine-Hall, V Wright

T11/12.29 Apologies for absence. J Reynolds
T11/12.30 RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Trust held on 10/01/12 are signed as a correct record.
T11/12.31 Proposed mini-kickers football pitch. The Sedlescombe Rangers Football Club had written to the Trust asking if they could make a mini-kickers football pitch between the ex-car lot and the tennis courts. The meeting was attended by Ashley Davey from Sedlescombe Sports Association and Steve Shonk, the under-8s Football Club Manager. They explained the urgent need for an additional pitch because of the popularity of football for the younger children and lack of space at Sedlescombe Sportsfield. They had measured the grass area and had found it to be of a suitable size. Two new small goals would be needed, some drainage and levelling work carried out, additional mowing undertaken and the pitch marked. The Football Club would arrange for the work and the ongoing maintenance of the pitch to be done. The following questions were answered by the visitors/or Trust members as appropriate::

  1. How many children will be involved? - Up to 28 in two sections on a Saturday morning ie 9am and 11am throughout the winter.
  2. What happens if the ground is very wet? The Football Club is very careful regarding use of the land and, if the conditions are not suitable, they will not play.
  3. What will happen to the goals? They will be chained to the fence or other structure after use.
  4. Where will parking take place? Although the Sports Association would like the Parish Council to purchase the ex-car lot for parking, the price of £125,000 is prohibitive. Trust members suggested that those bringing the children should be asked to park in the public car park in Brede Lane. Alternatively, cars can be parked opposite the site on the roadside.
  5. Would the inclusion at the Playing Field of outdoor gym equipment be supported? The Sports Association like the idea of providing the equipment as it could be used by those bringing children to play football, some of whom are expected to be people who do not take regular exercise.
  6. How many of the children come from the parish of Sedlescombe who will play in the new teams? Mr Shonk did not know how many actually live in Sedlescombe parish but he thought over half live in or around Sedlescombe. Ashley suggested that people come to live in Sedlescombe specifically to be near the Sedlescombe Rangers Football Club grounds.
  7. Will goals be included in the proposed multi-use games area? Goals are not expected to be included although sports rebound fencing is.
  8. The Football Club was informed that work could not start on the pitch until the result of the Lottery application is known at the beginning of July 2012.
T11/12.32 Tennis Courts

  1. Multi-use games area at the tennis courts
    1. Public meeting. It was noted that a public meeting was held on 23/01/12 to allow members of the public to raise matters of concern about the proposed upgrading of the tennis courts to a multi-use games area. The proposed permanent centre fence was not supported by netballers. It was subsequently found that a centre fence would restrict the size of the playing areas too much and not allow run off space and that therefore it would be best to omit the fence.
    2. Rother Community Grant. Rother had agreed a grant of £5,000 towards the original MUGA project, 50% of what had been applied for. The reason was that insufficient local match funding had been identified. The Secretary informed the members that the next round of the Community Grant ends at the end of July and that, therefore, if the Lottery application is unsuccessful and a loan has to be obtained to undertake the work, a further application could be made for additional grant aid from Rother.
  2. Amended application for Inspired Facilities Lottery Funding. RESOLVED: That the Lottery Application should be amended as follows:
    1. Name: Sports Improvement and Encouragement Initiative.
    2. Provision of a MUGA for tennis, netball and football at the old tennis courts. Porous macadam surface with perimeter sports fencing.
    3. Provision of a mini-kickers grass pitch next to the MUGA.
    4. Provision of several pieces of outdoor adult exercise equipment.

      It was agreed that training sessions on a self-financing basis for tennis, netball and the exercise equipment should be included to support the initiative and encourage greater use of the area for sport and recreation in accordance with the terms of the Trust Deed.

      It was noted that the price of the proposed work by ETC had increased by almost a thousand pounds including VAT.

      Current costs:
      Macadam and sports fencing for MUGA
      Colour spray
      Tennis net
      New mini-kickers grass pitch
      Outdoor gym equipment including installation

      Funding to be as follows:
      SportEngland £35,890
      Partnership £10,000
      In kind £4,110 (£2110 installing gym equipment locally, £2000 voluntary pitch installation)

3. 2012 hire of the courts by clubs/organisations. RESOLVED: That the 2012 charges should be as follows: Netball Club £15 for a 3/hour weekly session with the Club providing the netball goal posts; Rangers Football Club £150 for the season with the Club carrying out all maintenance.

T11/12.33 Child Protection Policy. RESOLVED: That the Charity should adopt the Parish Council's Child Protection Policy.
T11/12.34 Accounts 2011/12 financial year. Members received copies of the financial statement for the year and RESOLVED: That the Playing Field & Recreation Ground's 2011/12 accounts are approved.

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