TRUST PURPOSES: Charity Commission Scheme, Charity Number 305305

To use 1.8 acres of land beside the river which make up the Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground for the provision and maintenance of a recreation ground or playing field for the benefit of the inhabitants of Sedlescombe and the neighbourhood without distinction of sex or of political, religious or other opinions. The Council may provide, or assist in the provision of, on the trust property, such facilities for physical exercise and training, lectures, classes and other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation having the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants as the Council shall from time to time think fit. In addition, the Council can allow the land to be used for other purposes as long as the use does not substantially interfere with its recreational use. Under certain circumstances, the Council may be able to sell the land.


ON MONDAY 14 MAY 2012, 19:00 TO 19:30

Chairman: Jenny Mitchell. Secretary: Pauline Raymond

Members: R Chapman, R Eldridge, P Glew, J Heap, J Reynolds, J Vine-Hall

2 members of the public also in attendance.

T12/13.1 Jonathan Vine-Hall in the chair for appointment of Chairman of the Trust. RESOLVED: That Jenny Mitchell is appointed Chairman of the Trust for the forthcoming year.
T12/13.2 Jenny Mitchell in the chair. Appointment of Secretary of the Trust. RESOLVED: That Pauline Raymond is appointed Secretary of the Trust for the forthcoming year.
T12/13.3 Apologies for absence. All councillors present. (Rod Cornelius of the Football Club had been unable to attend at the last minute. Ashley Davey had come in his place.)
T12/13.4 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Trust held on 27/03/12 are signed as a correct record.
T12/13.5 Proposed Sport Improvement and Encouragement Initiative.

  1. Lottery Application. Members had been provided with a revised list of expenses totalling £53,946 which had been included in the Lottery application. £41,214 had been requested from SportEngland. The result of the grant application is expected at the beginning of July. The project now includes a MUGA, outdoor gym equipment and a mini-kicker's pitch including additional fencing.
  2. Safety and Parking Issues. Members considered an e-mail from the owner of the Powdermills driveway who, whilst being in favour of the proposed facilities, has concerns about potential safety and parking issues involving his driveway. A new "no parking on the private driveway" sign has recently been installed by the owner at the entrance to the drive.
  3. Future Action. The following action was agreed:
    1. Ashley Davey to obtain two written quotes for drainage of the proposed mini-kickers' pitch.
    2. Pauline Raymond to ask Andrew Gerken to survey the Playing Field and provide a plan to scale.
    3. Ashley Davey to give Andrew Gerken the size needed for the pitch so that it can be included on the plan.
    4. When the plan is available, firm proposals of the layout and work that needs to be undertaken to address the safety and parking problems, whilst at the same time safeguarding the rights of the Trust, will be drawn up.
    5. Firm income and expenditure figures will be obtained.
T12/13.6 Annual Report (attached). RESOLVED: That the 2011-12 Annual Report is approved.
T12/13.7 Matters arising from the Annual Report. None.
T12/13.8 Risk Management. RESOLVED: That the Risk Management Report is approved.
T12/13.9 Insurances. RESOLVED: That the insurances with AON due on 14/06/12 are renewed. Documents had been received from AON and the cost of the insurance has been held at £174. A cheque was signed by Pauline Glew and Jonathan Vine-Hall.


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