Sedlescombe Public Playing Field &
Recreation Ground Trust


Cllr. Lawrence (Chairman)
Cllrs. Anson, Chapman, Eldridge, Fraser, Parsons, Vine-Hall
Mr. John Reynolds and Mrs Carol Hodgson

9. To appoint a replacement Secretary to the Trust.
RESOLVED: That Carol Hodgson is appointed as Secretary to the Trust

10. Apologies for absence.
Received from Cllr. Glew

11. Minutes.
RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Trust held on 13/05/2014 are approved.

12. Accounts.
RESOLVED: That the financial statement of monthly totals for the Trust 01/04/2014-30/09/2014 and bank reconciliation are received.

13. To discuss the 'Former Car Sales Site' located in The Street.
Cllr. Anson reported that members of the committee - Cllrs. Vine-Hall, Anson and Eldridge and Carol Hodgson had met with Duncan Chapman - rCOH Ltd and Matthew Durling - son of the owner of 'Former Car Sales Site'(FCSS) to discuss the possibilities of improving the site which fronts the play area owned by the Trust.
RESOLVED: To write to Matthew Durling confirming that the Trust had agreed in principle to exploring the possibility of developing a joint scheme for the mutual benefit of the site owners and Sedlescombe village.

14. To discuss proposed uses for the area next to the MUGA and funding options.
Please refer to item 13

15. To receive an update from the Sports Association meeting re football clubs proposal.
RESOLVED: This item will be referred back to Full Council

16. To discuss other proposed plans for the trust
The Committee discussed various scenarios if funding was available to the Trust for further recreational facilities within Sedlescombe. It was noted that the safety surfacing around the some of the play equipment would need renewing.
RESOLVED: To explore the cost of wet pour surfacing.

17. Update on work referred to the Parish Council

  1. Replacement of fence bordering the river with one similar to that at the playground.
    RESOLVED: For the Secretary to obtain quotes
  2. Type of gate to discourage people from riding bikes and scooters on to the MUGA.
    RESOLVED: Cllr Chapman and the Secretary to contact indpendent metal workers.
  3. Self-closing gate hinges (the ones purchased in 2013 do not work)
    RESOLVED: Cllr Chapman and the Secretary to contact indpendent metal workers.

18. Information noted:

Current use of the MUGA

  1. Free Public Use
  2. Tennis coaching by Nicholas Montague @ £5/court/hour
  3. Netball training by Staplecross School @ £5/court/hour