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On 11 November 2008, Sedlescombe Parish Council adopted the following policy for making decisions:

2. REFERRAL TO THE PARISH COUNCIL. Any matter referred to the Parish Council that requires a Parish Council decision should be placed on the next available main Council Meeting agenda. This might be a matter from, amongst others, another local authority, central government, another public body, a local voluntary group, a charity, a local resident, a parish, district or county councillor or one that the Chairman or the Clerk to the Parish Council believes should be considered by the Council. In order to assist deliberations, a draft resolution will be included with the agenda item wherever possible. In accordance with Standing Order No.12, notice of the subject and draft resolutions must be delivered to the Clerk not later than 12 noon on the Tuesday in the week before the Council meeting. Where necessary, the Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, shall provide a Briefing Note to inform the Council.

3. ANNUAL VILLAGE INSPECTION. The Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Clerk shall, annually in the late summer, prepare a report to the Council of their inspection of the Village detailing jobs which should be included in the forthcoming budget preparations. At the September Meeting, the full Council shall consider and approve/amend the proposed jobs and defer further consideration to the Finance Committee for decisions on specifications, grant applications, raising the precept, contractors, tenders, payments etc.

4. FINANCIAL OR PLANNING MATTERS. If any matter referred to the Council is either a financial one or a planning one, it will be delegated to the Finance Committee or the Planning Committee unless the Chairman decides it is a matter of urgency which must be dealt with at the meeting.

4. NON-FINANCIAL OR PLANNING MATTERS. If not a financial or planning matter, or if it is a matter of urgency, after debate, a decision may be taken by the Council. In accordance with Standing Order No.5, members should vote by show of hands, or if at least two members so request, by signed ballot.

5. DEFERRAL. If insufficient information is available for a decision to be made, the matter shall be deferred to allow further information to be gathered and the matter included on the next available main Council agenda.

6. WORKING GROUP. Alternatively, the Council may set up a temporary working group without executive powers to consider the matter and report back to the Council. This may be made up of parish councillors but, also, local residents and other persons qualified in the subject under discussion. The working group must work in accordance with its Terms of Reference drawn up by the Parish Council.

7. TERMS OF REFERENCE. The Parish Council shall approve Terms of Reference for each committee, and working group which will allow business to be transacted without further approval by the full Council. All business transacted by an advisory committee must be approved by the full Council.

8. MINOR DECISIONS. Minor decisions shall be decided on a day-to-day basis by the Chairman and the Clerk and reported to the Parish Council at the next available opportunity.

9. DELEGATION TO THE CLERK. The Clerk shall act in accordance with powers delegated to her by the Parish Council and shall report her actions to the Parish Council at the next available opportunity.

10. DELEGATION TO THE CLERK AND CHAIRMAN OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE. The Clerk and Chairman of the Finance Committee shall act in accordance with financial powers granted to them by the Parish Council's Financial Regulations/Standing Orders and shall report their actions to the Parish Council at the next available opportunity.

11. DECISION REVERSAL. In accordance with Standing Order No.21, at least three members of the Council must give notice of a special resolution in order to reverse a decision of the Council and, once a special resolution has been disposed of, no similar motion may be moved within six months.

12. WEB ACCESS. All decisions will be recorded in Council Minutes and may be viewed on the Council's website. Also available on the website will be Clerk's Briefing Notes unless private to the meeting, two-years' lists of resolutions commencing on 01/04/2008 and details of the Council's decisions relating to planning applications. Hard copies of all documents will be available on request.


  1. Members must consider and act in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct for members before taking part in any decision-making.
  2. All business shall be transacted in accordance with the Parish Council's Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.