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Information available from Sedlescombe Parish Council under the model publication scheme 2009


Sedlescombe Parish Council has one member of staff - Mrs Pauline J Raymond. She is known as The Clerk to Sedlescombe Parish Council and Sedlescombe Parish Council's Responsible Financial Officer. Mrs Raymond has been employed by the Council since April 1975. Her job description is as follows:

A) As an employee of the Sedlescombe Parish Council as directed by resolutions of the parish council:

  1. To carry out the lawful instructions of the Council.
  2. To comply with standing orders, financial regulations and codes of practice adopted by the Council.
  3. To advise the Council on relevant laws and procedures.

B) As the Official Administrator of the Sedlescombe Parish Council as determined by Acts of Parliament:

  1. To act as the Proper Officer of Sedlescombe Parish Council.
  2. To maintain the Council's Assets Register.
  3. To carry out all routine office work, including answering correspondence, without instruction from the Council.
  4. To attend meetings of the Council and its Committees (but not necessarily its advisory committees).
  5. To prepare and display agendas and reports and to present information for all Council and Committee Meetings.
  6. To prepare Minutes and Reports for all meetings in accordance with current best practice.
  7. To draw up, or assist in drawing up and producing copies of the Council's Annual Report and arranging circulation to every household in the Parish (approximately 670 copies).
  8. To attend the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting and to write up the Minutes.
  9. To act as the Council's representative as required.
  10. To prepare press reports.
  11. To draft a quarterly newsletter and produce sufficient copies for distribution to every household in the Parish.
  12. To keep records as required by the Council.
  13. To update and maintain the website.
  14. To attend the Clerk's annual training day as arranged by the Sussex Association of Local Councils.

C) As the Executive Officer of the Sedlescombe Parish Council as determined by Acts of Parliament:

  1. To draw up, or assist in drawing up, or amending the Council's policy documents.
  2. To update the Council's handbook as required and print copies for councillors at least every two years.
  3. To draw up strategies for dealing with legal requirements.
  4. To update as required the Council's Risk Management Strategy.
  5. To study reports received from other bodies and precis in monthly Clerk's Reports.
  6. To deal with routine parish matters and to answer questions from the public.
  7. To draw up, or assist in drawing up, specifications for work approved by the Council, to send the specifications to contractors, to meet contractors, to monitor the work in progress and to report to the Council as appropriate.
  8. To produce sufficient copies of The Sedlescombe Directory for distribution to each household as required by the Council.
  9. To liaise with other local authorities, village organisations and voluntary bodies.
  10. To undertake investigations and produce plans in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Sedlescombe Parish Plan.

D) As Responsible Financial Officer of the Sedlescombe Parish Council:

  1. To manage all routine financial affairs of the Council.
  2. To advise the Council in accordance with "Governance and Accountability in Local Councils in England and Wales".
  3. To prepare budgets and to arrange monitoring by the Council of budgets against income and expenditure.
  4. To prepare orders, receipts, invoices, cheques, bank transfer, VAT returns.
  5. To make purchases of goods and arrange sales of Council publications etc.
  6. To draw up a monthly bank reconciliation report and schedule of payments.
  7. To prepare financial records for internal audit and to liaise with the Internal Auditor as appointed by the Council.
  8. To prepare the Annual Return for external audit.
  9. To maintain insurances and to recommend amendments as required.
  10. To make financial reports to the Finance Committee on a quarterly basis.
  11. To report to the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting on the Parish Council's Accounts.