The Small Change Programme

GLOBAL ACTION PLAN is the practical environmental charity that helps people to make positive changes at home, at work, at school and in the wider community. By working together, people are encouraged to make small changes in their lives that have a big impact on the things that matter.

In 2006/7, Global Action has allowed for 46 Sedlescombe households to participate in the Small Change Programme. Over a period of four months, groups of friends have met in one of their homes for sessions focused on finding ways of making small changes to their environmental lifestyles.

The publication "Go Make a Difference - 500 Ways to Save the Planet" - has been placed in our local library in the Village Hall. [The library is open on Tuesday afternoons in Committee Room 2, 1.30 to 3.30pm.]

Litter Pickers in Sedlescombe

It just goes to show how much litter is thrown around the Village needlessly, when comments were made in the October 2006 pre-budget survey that there is too much litter and we shouldn't leave all the litter picking to John.

Amazingly, the Environment Working Group has for the last couple of years had something like 28 people who regularly pick up other people's rubbish from roads all over Sedlescombe. We really do appreciate what they do. But just think what it would be like if they didn't do it.

Early morning rubbish strewn around the Pumphouse

Waste Not

Sedlescombe Parish Council published a leaflet in January 2007 to encourage recycling in Sedlescombe. Lots of information has been provided.

Yellow Pages Disposal

Despite valiant efforts by the Sedlescombe Environment Group, it has not been possible to arrange recycling of Yellow Pages as had been hoped. The only local disposal centre is in Eastbourne and, unfortunately, they will not take more than one or two books from each person. The information on the Yellow Pages website that they can be recycled at Mountfield is incorrect.

The Sedlescombe Environment Group is still very concerned about this problem of disposal as with about 20.8 million homes all receiving an annual copy, there is an awful lot of yellow paper being put into landfill.

Wildlife Gardening

The Sedlescombe Environment Group working with the Sedlescombe Garden Society plans to publish a leaflet encouraging wildlife gardening. They have already been granted £100 by the Sedlescombe Societies Association towards printing and other grant aid was obtained in April 2007.

In connection with this project, the book on wildlife gardening by Ken Thompson "No Nettles Required" will be available from the Sedlescombe Village Library soon. Alternatively, buy a copy yourself.

Let's Go Recycling in Rother

Have a look at the new Rother recycling website

Red Barn Field

A new information board has been installed at Red Barn Field Nature Park

Tree Sparrows

The Sedlescombe Environment Group have already installed several tree sparrow nest boxes in Red Barn Field Nature Park next to the Village Hall. Now, following a Royal Society for the Protection of Birds survey, they are considering whether they could make and help put up another 25 or so on the Pestalozzi Estate.


Swifts are amazing birds that live with us for just three months each Summer. However, they are needlessly threatened by our architecture, planning and development. The Sedlescombe Environment Group obtained some swift nest boxes last year and put them up on various properties around the Village. Now the Group is encouraging the Pestalozzi International Trust to incorporate some swift nest boxes into their proposed new buildings. More information on this idea can be found here.

Sand Martins and Kingfishers

The Sedlescombe Environment Group is considering fitting a number of sand martin and kingfisher nesting tunnels in the banks of the River Brede.

Wading Birds

The scrapes which had been installed on the Pestalozzi Estate, close by their permissive path by the River, to encourage wading birds have become overgrown with alders and remain far too dry. Research is to be carried out into whether some water could be piped to the site.